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Sex and Sleep — What’s the Relationship

Despite the significant role that both sleep and sex have in overall wellness, the relationship between them is still being researched. Still, more recent studies in health sciences have started

Waking up Tired

Waking up feeling tired is a common issue that many of us face on a daily basis. However, the reasons behind this feeling are not always as obvious as not
Stages of Sleep illustrated for an article

Stages of Sleep and How They Affect Your Health

Science suggests that not getting enough quality shut eye can increase the risk for high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and depression. To understand how and why sleep impacts your health,

REM Sleep Vs. Deep Sleep

Feeling exhausted but can't fall asleep? Learn about the differences between REM and Deep Sleep
HRV and Sleep Deprivation

HRV and Sleep Deprivation

Using just your phone or smart watch, you can get incredible insights into your physical and mental health, including how your sleep habits affect your life.