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Building a true zero-to-one technology for a healthier, happier world.
Our Global Team
Welltory is a team of health scientists, data researchers, and engineers.
We recognize that people are unique: We all want what works for us personally – not one-size-fits-all solutions like “exercise, eat right, sleep well.“ And we want to feel better now – not 10 years from now. We work all over the world as a team united by one mission: to help people live healthier, happier, and more productive lives.
What we believe in:
Healthy living
We believe that top-grade technology and science can help millions live healthier and happier lives. In recognition of the demands and imbalances of contemporary life, we made a smart app to relieve stress and share rich health insights.
We built what we believe in: Health monitoring tools that benefit all. Decades of knowledge in healthcare and the latest research made widely accessible – all that’s needed is a smartphone or Apple Watch.
Preventative health
Optimal healthcare extends beyond the treatment of symptoms to include a prevention-centered vision of health. We aim to inspire users toward a proactive approach to health and fitness.
What we achieved so far
people tracking their health worldwide
in venture funding
employees across the globe
  • Over 6.5 million users
  • Over 4 million users
  • Personalized Sleep Analysis was released
  • 3M users reached
  • 100+ Employees
  • 136 countries
  • Over 50 000 5-star reviews
  • 27 universities use Welltory in their research, inclusive of Harvard Medical School, John Hopkins University, and University College London
  • Adapted the AI to check heart rate variability with Apple Watch
  • Rebuilt the app as a personalized, narrative lifestyle feed
  • 25 million measurements: milestone achieved
  • COVID-19 Open Data Research launched
  • Featured in Men’s Health Magazine
  • Partnered with Calm
  • Raised an additional $3M
  • 1M users
  • 10M HRV measurements milestones reached
  • Built integrations with 125 health and lifestyle tracking gadgets & apps
  • Our technology was used for research conducted at University College London for research
  • Applied for five HRV patents
  • Raised $1M in a seed round
  • Featured in TechCrunch, iMore, Product Hunt, Lifehacker, and Apple
  • Raised first $1M
  • Launched Welltory - Individual Person-to-Person mHealth coaching
  • 1k happy customers served
  • Developed the technology for measuring heart rate variability with a phone camera

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We are located in Redwood City at:
541 Jefferson Avenue, Suite 100, Redwood City, CA 94063