Building a true zero-to-one technology for a healthier, happier world.
Founder & CPO
I am proud to work on the most important and complex problem in the world – our health. Today industry is about treatment of health problems. We aim to help people maintain health instead of repairing it.
Founder & CEO
Working on Welltory has been the toughest and happiest time of my life. My personal interest in quantified self combined with professional engineering and scientific challenges makes it genuinely worthwhile.
For me, Welltory is about helping people. I like knowing that my work will help someone start their morning in a great mood, relax after a long day, or get a health checkup when they need it.
I want for Welltory to be a comprehensive self-care tool: to alert you when you’re stressed, recommend a massage, call a self-driving cab, and explain how well your body is coping with the day while you’re on your way.
Working at Welltory is tough, but very interesting and exciting. Being at the cutting edge of science is what gives me drive. I like discovering new fields nobody has ventured into before and taking the first step into the unknown.
Welltory is a team that offers plenty of opportunities. It's an opportunity to change the world with something new and relevant, not just "a faster horse." And I am delighted with the processes taking place inside the team.
I love doing long-term things. There are so many insights and inspiration for me in this product. That's something I need for myself personally.
Welltory? For me, it’s not just people I work with – we’re really a Team. A team of professionals who are changing the world and helping people. I just think that's awesome.
Data Science
Welltory converts tons of data into real science and meaningful insights. I’m happy to bring it to people and see how the results of our work really help them.
Data Science
For me, Welltory is a company where I not only get to work on interesting projects, but also see them implemented right away. It’s where things I used to only see in movies become reality.
There used to be a cartoon where a team of superheroes shrunk themselves and solved complex problems inside the human body. That’s what Welltory is – a team of superheroes.
I love to be part and bring value to a project that’s a real game-changer. Welltory is a massive collection of research and algorithms that can help so many. It’s where science and technology come together.
I have so much love for this project and the people working on it. It's a thrilling adventure into a future of our own creation, and I can't wait to share it with the world.
I love the opportunity. I love this fast-paced adventure. I love to grow alongside a team of professionals and take part in shaping the future of health technologies.
Our Global Team
Welltory is a team of health scientists, data researchers, and engineers.
We recognize that people are unique: We all want what works for us personally – not one-size-fits-all solutions like “exercise, eat right, sleep well.“ And we want to feel better now – not 10 years from now. We work all over the world as a team united by one mission: to help people live healthier, happier, and more productive lives.
What we believe in:
Healthy living
We believe that top-grade technology and science can help millions live healthier and happier lives. In recognition of the demands and imbalances of contemporary life, we made a smart app to relieve stress and share rich health insights.
We built what we believe in: Health monitoring tools that benefit all. Decades of knowledge in healthcare and the latest research made widely accessible – all that’s needed is a smartphone or Apple Watch.
Preventative health
Optimal healthcare extends beyond the treatment of symptoms to include a prevention-centered vision of health. We aim to inspire users toward a proactive approach to health and fitness.
What we achieved so far
people tracking their health worldwide
in venture funding
employees across the globe
  • 3M users reached
  • 27 universities use Welltory in their research, inclusive of Harvard Medical School, John Hopkins University, and University College London
  • Adapted the AI to check heart rate variability with Apple Watch
  • Rebuilt the app as a personalized, narrative lifestyle feed
  • 25 million measurements: milestone achieved
  • COVID-19 Open Data Research launched
  • Featured in Men’s Health Magazine
  • Partnered with Calm
  • Raised an additional $3M
  • 1M users
  • 10M HRV measurements milestones reached
  • Built integrations with 125 health and lifestyle tracking gadgets & apps
  • Our technology was used for research conducted at University College London for research
  • Applied for five HRV patents
  • Raised $1M in a seed round
  • Featured in TechCrunch, iMore, Product Hunt, Lifehacker, and Apple
  • Raised first $1M
  • Launched Welltory - Individual Person-to-Person mHealth coaching
  • 1k happy customers served
  • Developed the technology for measuring heart rate variability with a phone camera

Contact us

We are located in Redwood City at:
541 Jefferson Avenue, Suite 100, Redwood City, CA 94063