Our Story

Welltory is a powerful health & fitness app that uses a smartphone’s camera or Apple Watch data to give you deep body diagnostics. It also lets you sync data from other apps & gadgets for more insights about your health and lifestyle. Designed as a narrative, personalized feed, it provides you with daily health metrics, workout analytics, blood pressure interpretations, and so much more.

The innovative technology allows anyone to daily measure:

  • Stress of body and mind
  • Immune system strength
  • Productivity
  • Energy
  • Resilience

These health metrics are calculated from heart rate variability measurements — a method backed by decades of research and long used by doctors, in training of pro athletes, and even astronauts.

We’re proud that in the last three years we have made the science of heart rate variability available to everyone with a smartphone. And now, with this expertise, we made these measurements possible with an Apple Watch.

Welltory was launched in 2016 with the belief that technology and science can help millions improve their lifestyle, bring habits under control, and live healthier. A team of engineers and researchers, the company was founded by Jane Smorodnikova and Pavel Pravdin, who both have an extensive background in enterprise software and consumer apps.

From the beginning, it was clear to us there is a growing number of apps and gadgets aimed to help people improve lifestyle. The data they provide is snowballing: steps walked, burned calories, hours slept, blood pressure readings. Yet for the user it’s just overwhelming. Too much noise, too much hassle. As we can’t all become health experts, Welltory takes the fragmented data and helps get it under control.

Initially, Welltory was a telehealth service. We trained a team of health analysts to provide personalized health guidance to users via chat based on their data — much like top athletes and presidents advised by experts. This approach had proven to be well-received and loved by customers, but unscalable.

A bold new chapter for our company was in 2017 when we developed a technology for measuring heart rate variability with a phone camera. It is done by applying a finger for 2 minutes. 4 simple gauges provide the result: Stress, Resilience, Energy, and Productivity. And a couple of dozen scientific HRV parameters if they wish to go into detail. This tech redefined our product.

We were featured by TechCrunch and over the next two years, Welltory reached 2.5 million app users with over 15 million measurements taken, as well as aggregate data they connected. Users sync fitness, productivity, and sleep trackers, blood pressure, and heart rate monitors. Overall, 120 sources are supported.

This combined dataset is analyzed by machine-learning algorithms that spot correlations and trends to provide users with a lifestyle feed that packs key health metrics, daily analytics, and actionable advice. The insights from researching this dataset amassed by our users provided a perfect foundation for rebuilding the app from the ground-up.

Our team of scientists and engineers have found a clever way to extract HRV data from Apple Watch and its built-in capabilities.

A culmination of an extensive development program, the 3rd gen product launched in fall 2020 is a modular & flexible data analytics platform. We created many custom data analysis models for various parameters, including those that analyze blood pressure, detect heart rate irregularities, and seek correlations between sleep and weight.

The best product we’ve ever created, we believe that its cutting edge technology, simplicity of use, and beautiful design will win the hearts of millions and help them become healthier and happier.