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Feel better fast

Simple, actionable recommendations: daily baby steps that guide you toward better health
Get help when you need it most: science-backed tips to beat insomnia, cure a hangover, support a panic attack, clear a headache, or get blood pressure under control
Personalized research papers based on your data: insights into how your lifestyle impacts your health and what you can do about it
Personalized move goals: your move, stand, and exercise data will let you know whether you’re doing enough to support your health
Breathing practices: focus or unwind with scientifically-proven guided practices

Gain rich health insights

Detailed heartbeat analytics: access stress, energy, and productivity scores + 21 metrics: check in on how your body is doing and spot any changes
In-depth blood pressure analysis: input your numbers, and we’ll alert you if something doesn’t look right and provide 10 extra metrics + detailed interpretations
Blood pressure reports: send your data to your doctor or print out neat reports with all of your readings
Basic heartbeat analytics: just your stress, energy, and productivity scores — no extra metrics
Basic blood pressure analysis: we’ll interpret your top and bottom numbers — without extra metrics
Yesterday’s heart report sent to your feed daily: note the relationship between your activities and any changes to your heart rate

Gain self-awareness

Focus and attention analytics: sync RescueTime, Instagram, GitHub, Spotify, and other apps to see how your screen time habits affect your health and mood. Cut down your work hours, finish more tasks, and feel better
Lifelogging: track your calls, meetings, and nights out in your feed to see how they impact your well-being
Smarter geotracking: find out how the time spent at home, in the office, on the road, or in your favorite bars and cafes affects your health and mood
Access to clinically validated tests: check in on possible anxiety, burnout, or depression symptoms
Hundreds of charts featuring your Apple Health, Google Fit, and Samsung Health data
Basic workout analytics, based on your Apple Health, Google Fit, and Samsung Health data
Basic self-monitoring: add weight and blood pressure manually, and fill out mood and health askers

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