Sex is not only about having pleasure but also staying healthy. When you are doing it your body produces a whole cocktail of hormones and neurotransmitters: oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin. That is why you experience a mood boost, you relax and become happier. Obviously, that helps us be more productive and work more efficiently.

Besides, regular sex improves your memory and thinking skills, it accelerates neuroregeneration, decreases stress and even helps your body fight flue or cold. Let’s talk about each of these points.

Sex prevents flue and colds

Sex strengthens your immune system and boosts your body’s resistance power against viruses. If you do it 1-2 times a week your immunoglobulin A (IgA) level rises. Researchers from Wilkes University, Pennsylvania, conducted an experiment with 112 students. They found that those who were more sexually active had a 30% higher level of immunoglobulin A. However, the students who had sex more than twice a week, had the same levels of immunoglobulin A as those who didn’t have a lot of sex.

So those who are sexually more active call in sick less, but everything should be done in moderation. 🙂

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Sex reduces stress and anxiety

It is especially good to have regular sex if you are constantly stressed. Chronic stress has adverse effects on your brain and therefore on your working efficiency and productivity. Concentration span decreases, stress levels go up, things pile up and all that affects your self-confidence.

A University of Paisley (UK) study shows that after traditional sex people deal with stressors much better than those who practice other forms of sex or abstain.

Also, frequent sex protects your brain by decreasing the level of cortisol in your body.

A 2010 study showed a correlation between daily sex for two weeks and cell growth in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is a part of the brain which is sensitive to stress. Sexual intercourse strengthens the brain’s ability to respond to stress and recover better. The study showed that anxiety level also goes down.

The less stress you have — the more productive you are during the day.

Sex makes you smarter and accelerates neuroregeneration in your brain

The hippocampus is also responsible for learning new things. It plays an important role in the development of long-term memories from short-term and working memory. Sex speeds up the division of neurons in the hippocampus.

Researchers from the University of Maryland found that regular sex boosts neurogenesis, which is a process of creating new neurons in the hippocampus. Other earlier studies confirm that. Both studies used mice but scientists believe that the human body goes through similar processes.

You can find more information about neurogenesis and why it is so important here.

So regular sex helps you learn new things which is important for being productive.

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Sex improves your memory

A study showed a correlation between how frequently women had sex and their memory.

Canadian scientists conducted an experiment which revealed a connection between how much women had sex and memorising abstract words. 78 women from 18 to 29 years old took part in the study. They filled in questionnaires answering questions about how often they had sex and orgasm, their menstrual cycle and whether they took oral contraceptives.

Then they were shown two series of images with people’s faces and abstract words. After the second series they were asked to name the images they saw. It was found that women who had more sex memorised words better than faces. There was no such correlation in the group where women took contraceptives. Period did not affect memorisation.

Based on the studies that found a cause-effect relationship between sex and hippocampus’ function in rats scientists believe that the same link exists in humans as well. Besides, the women in the study memorised words better than faces and that indirectly confirms the conclusions. The hippocampus is responsible for memorising words while other parts of the brain are responsible for memorising faces.

A Dutch study investigated how sex affects older people’s memory. After analysing data from 1700 people between the ages of 58 and 98 scientists revealed a close link between being sexually active and having better memory and cognition.

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Sex improves cognition better than crossword puzzles

Some studies confirm that brain teasers, logic puzzles and sudoku help your brain work better. But scientists say that orgasm is even more effective in sustaining cognitive functions. Puzzles stimulate certain areas of the brain, but orgasm increases blood flow and activates all areas of the brain at the same time.

Sex improves analytical skills

Seems like sex helps you be an analytical thinker. Scientists say, “People in love often think long-term which boosts their holistic thinking and creativity. When they have sex they are focused on the here and now which improves their analytical thinking skills.”

Here is what this all means, workaholics!

Regular sex:

  • improves your immune system and boosts your body’s resistance power to the flu and colds
  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • makes you smarter
  • improves your memory, cognition and thinking abilities
  • improves your analytical skills

And of course sex helps you stay in a good mood, sleep well and be more productive during the day.

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