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1.What is Welltory?



Welltory is a quantified self app that lets you measure stress, energy and other physiological parameters in order to manage your lifestyle based on data analysis. It helps working adults combat chronic stress and fatigue by restoring the balance between stress and recovery.

What does Welltory do?

  • Stress and energy levels measurements based on Heart Rate Variability algorithms
  • HRV measurement details shows you an assessment of the body’s systemic condition, including the heart, nervous system, sleep quality, etc.
  • Option to add data from 50+ apps and gadgets
  • Data analysis that shows how your habits and surroundings affect your stress & energy levels
  • Guided quests with tests and experiments that teach you stress & energy management skills
  • Academy – video lectures and brief explanations of how your body & brain work
  • Expert in-app support

The app is based on measurements of the autonomic nervous system – an objective assessment of a user’s stress and energy levels. The measurement results are calculated using scientifically-proven heart rate variability (HRV) algorithms.

Heart rate variability analysis is widely used in space medicine, professional sports, as well as scientific and medical research. We have made it accessible to anybody with a smartphone – Welltory uses your phone’s camera to take measurements in just 34 minutes. Read more about heart rate variability and the science behind the app here.

Welltory uses the following principles to help people restore balance, lower stress and boost energy levels:

  • Manage your energy, not your time
  • We can only manage what we can measure
  • Observing a system changes how it behaves (observer effect)
We give people the opportunity to measure their objective stress and energy levels, see how these indicators influence their mood and productivity, and figure out how their habits and surroundings affect them. In order to do this, Welltory collects data from fitness gadgets, smart watches and apps. The app can be fully integrated with Apple Health and Google Fit, as well as many other apps and gadgets in order to collect data on:
  • Sleep, through fitness trackers or apps like SleepCycle
  • Nutrition, through FatSecret, LiveSum and other apps
  • Productivity, through RescueTime
  • Time spent at home, the office, and the gym
  • Physical activity and exercise
  • Atmospheric pressure and other weather conditions
  • And much more

Seeing their lifestyles quantified allows people to find answers to important questions, such as:

  • How much sleep do I need to recover?
  • Does running and walking help me cut down on stress?
  • Does watching TV shows count as rest and recovery time?
  • What kind of exercise works best for me?
  • How does a vegetarian diet affect me?
  • What impacts my productivity?
  • Do I eat more when I’m stressed?
  • Do I have a weather dependency?


Welltory also actively invests in education and user support. A Health Analyst Academy was established for support staff, where our employees study the fundamentals of physiology, the brain, exercise, nutrition, and data analysis in order to help users optimize their lifestyles. Users also have access to the Academy – courses that include explanations and video lectures on the brain & body, all based on the latest research.

The Tasks feature is a series of guided quests that teach users how to manage their stress & energy levels. Tasks include professional assessments, lifestyle experiments (collecting and analyzing data), and lectures.



2. How does it work?

Just 3-5 minutes to measure your stress & energy

You can use a heart rate monitor to take the measurements or use your smartphone – simply put your finger over the camera and flash. The app will use the camera to analyze how your blood vessels expand and contract.

After the measurement, users get hints and interpretations of the results.

This service is free. It helps users plan their day and understand what’s going on with their bodies.

3. Why is stress so important?


All over the world, people suffer from stress, fatigue and health problems.

Excessive stress and insufficient recovery time (the lack of balance) is the main reason for illnesses, low productivity, inability to concentrate and poor quality of life in general.

In Russia, about 70% of the adult population are under constant stress. In the US, 70% of all doctors visits are motivated by symptoms caused by chronic stress.

Stress, especially chronic stress, is the driving factor behind cardiovascular disease, premature aging, problems with the immune system and mental illness.

Our bodies were originally designed to react to short-term stress (like a wolf jumping out in front of us), but not chronic stress, which is what defines our modern reality.

152 academic papers about the relationship between stress and our health –

4. Stress and productivity

Researchers from the Netherlands have found that the impact of stress-induced cortisol on memory increases during and after short-term acute stress. Our memory is negatively affected when the sympathetic nervous system is activated at the same time that cortisol levels spike, but cortisol doesn’t impact memory by itself.

British scientists from the Centre for Behavioural Biology have confirmed that stress impacts our decision-making.

Researchers from Australia have found that an increase in sympathetic activity for people in the 1835 age group negatively impacts memory, speech and attention span. The same type of increase impairs associative thinking skills for people in the 3650 age group and negatively affects orientation functions for people in the 5165 age group.

Scientists from France have discovered an enzyme that is activated under chronic stress. It affects brain cells, making people less social and impairing cognitive abilities.

In the US, scientists researched heat-induced stress and concluded that, although it depends on the nature of the task, heat-induced stress negatively impacts cognitive functions.

It’s important to understand that when our limbic system is activated, which is what happens during stress, the prefrontal cortex automatically starts underperforming. This means that we aren’t able to think strategically and start acting on our emotional impulses.

5. Who is Welltory for?

Our target audience is people in the 3050 age bracket.

The majority of these people live under constant stress, ignoring the signals their bodies send them.

People suffer from chronic fatigue, headaches and insomnia. We try to work more, sacrificing our health and time we could be spending on family and rest, but can’t work effectively because we don’t feel well. We feel like we’re unproductive, can’t concentrate, and are prone to burnout and depression.

At the same time, our careers are taking off and we’re at the age when we have to take care of family and pay back loans. We need to be able to concentrate and get things done, but we just don’t have the energy.

Because our lives aren’t balanced, our health takes a nosedive. In the US, 50% of adults are diagnosed with at least one chronic illness.


6. Facts about the product


What we have accomplished:

  • Total users: 110,000
  • Our users have taken over 500,000 measurements
  • Collected over 275 GB of data on health and lifestyles, along with 320 million data points

Industry: health & fitness

App: iPhone, Android


  • iOs: iOS 9.0 or later versions. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • Android: 4.3 or later versions.

Web version: follow the link to see what a personal dashboard looks like.

Closed beta version: March 2016

Open version for iOS: September 2016

Open version for Android: February 2017

Interface languages: English and Russian


7. About the company


  • The company was founded in February 2016. Everything started with using HRV to measure stress levels. The project was internally funded.
  • In March 2016, we released the first version of the app for iPhones and started researching whether or not the measurement results matched people’s subjective feelings, health and lifestyles. Over 500 people took part in the study.
  • In the summer of 2016, we started researching interventions (lifestyle adjustments that affect measurement results). Over 1,000 people took part in the study.
  • We also attracted the first round of financing at this time.
  • At the end of September, Welltory became available for registration and made its debut in the AppStore.
  • We launched paid services and the Web version in October, and also acquired our first corporate clients.
  • In the fall, we opened the Academy of Personal Health Analysts. Over 70 people completed the program, and 10 of them have been certified and completed internships.
  • In January 2017, we launched an online course on the relationship between lifestyles, productivity and health.
  • In February 2017, we launched the Android version of the app.
  • In April 2017, we launched the “measurement details” feature inside the app. 
  • June 2017 – closed the 2nd investment round, 1 mln USD 
  • June 2017 – Academy and Tasks features launched

Company objective

We want hard working people to wake up feeling energized, calm and in a good mood. We want people to find their own balance and be productive without sacrificing their health, family or personal development.

We want to help people understand their bodies, their brain and how everything is connected to their habits and lifestyles. We want to give people a tool that will help them optimize their lifestyles and monitor their bodies closely.

Company founders

Entrepreneur, founder of the major game publisher Alawar, expert on casual & mobile games and gamification. Became interested in stress & energy management on his own, experimenting with different sports and hobbies for a long time. Loves gadgets.

Alexander Lyskovsky

IT expert, entrepreneur, former head of QA at Panasonic and head of web/mobile projects with millions of users. Athlete, Quantified Self geek. Prior to Welltory, he headed up the Founder Institute in St. Petersburg and is the co-founder of the startup studio

Pavel Pravdin

Startup evangelist and geek. Prior to Welltory, Jane was head of the Founder Institute in St. Petersburg and co-founder of the startup studio She became interested in stress & energy mangement after years of struggling with entrepreneurial stress and wanting to increase productivity.

Jane Smorodnikova

8. Potential publications about Welltory

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  • Improve your health with techniques borrowed from astronauts
  • Boost employee productivity by 20%
  • Simple way to get rid of bad habits
  • Find out what type of exercise works for you


9. Media Kit

You can find media materials in our Dropbox.

  • iPhone screenshots
  • Android screenshots
  • Web version screenshots
  • Photos and graphics for articles
  • Pictures of the founders

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