How to track productivity

Why measure productivity?

You’ll find out:

  • how much time you spend working and procrastinating
  • which days of the week are the most productive for you
  • change your habits to be more efficient and find your perfect schedule

What is also great, you’ll see all your data on graphs in the app and will be able to find correlations to see how your productivity is affected by stress and energy scores along with other parameters. Maybe it is working out in the morning that makes your productivity spike? Or is it 8 hours of sleep or cutting down on coffee?

How to track productivity?

Productivity is probably the one factor our users are most interested in, but it’s fairly difficult to track. For example, the number of lines of code a programmer writes doesn’t say much about the quality of their work. And the number of meetings a manager takes aren’t a good proxy for measuring how much actually gets done.

There are two options you can use to track your productivity:

  1. Set up Favorite places in the app to analyze how much time you spend in the office. You can find instructions here.
  2. Download RescueTime on your work computer.

RescueTime is a great tool that will help you figure out what you did during the day and how much time you spent procrastinating instead of working.

The app analyzes which programs you use and the websites you visit in order to calculate your productivity score and gives you a detailed report every week. Social networks and YouTube are automatically categorized as “unproductive,” while Google Docs and Excel count as work. But you can change the settings if you do something like social media management. Sometimes just knowing how much time you’re spending chatting or scrolling through your Facebook feed is enough to boost your productivity.

Andrea Miklos
10 Jun. 2019
The app makes me focused on the signs my body gives, and translates well what I should do to improve. It's very useful to see how my body reacts to external factors, such as a walk, workout, meditation. It's great that I can also add the blood pressure measurements, and it's comforting to see that the 2 tools measure almost the same heartbeats. It would be even better if I could add a note of each day, not just tags but longer information.
Bobby Valentine
16 Jan. 2019
Incredible value. Ive taken control of my relationship to stress thanks to Welltory. I use the paid version to integrate data from my fitbit, etc. I've learned so much about aligning my moodstate to the biometrics the app records.