Who we are and Why we do it

Our company was founded in 2016. Welltory is an app for stress and energy management. It lets people measure their stress & energy levels every day and provides users with the option of adding personal data from 100+ other sources (gadgets and apps) in order to customize their habits and lifestyle. Welltory helps increase performance and productivity by monitoring stress and energy, finding optimal work and sleeping schedules, etc. This tool is especially useful for executives, entrepreneurs, workaholics and people who love technology, gadgets and are interested in Quantified Self.

Welltory is an mHealth (mobile Health) service working in the field of preventive medicine. We are constantly looking for new research and findings, which allows us to improve our product and make it more effective and helpful. Welltory is inspired by the Heart Rate Variability method, which was initially used in space science to assess astronaut health and later widely applied in medicine and professional sports.


Our mission is to give people the opportunity to find out more about their health by making HRV measurements accessible to everybody. You can do everything with just a smartphone camera.

Pavel Pravdin, CEO 

Some facts about us

We are proud of our results: 15M measurements, 1,5M users, our database currently is the biggest HRV-database in the world enriched with lifestyle factors.

Our technology is used by Texas University, University College London, Calm Inc.

Our signal processing method validation is here


At Watson Health Europe, we are familiar with the entire European startup landscape. These days, there is no shortage of companies that collect a lot of data about people. The one thing we don’t have are companies that are able to transform this data into practical health recommendations. Welltory is in the top 3 European companies that have figured out how to make and constantly improve recommendations about health and fitness. Pavel Schlidov

IBM Watson

Welltory brings science and order to the chaos that characterizes our knowledge of the human body. Digitizing lifestyles and assessing how our habits influence us will take healthcare to a new level, lower the likelihood of getting sick and reduce the amount of work doctors have to do. I like that Welltory uses a progressive approach and can figure out which habits are most harmful to your health.No guesswork, just data! Grigory Bakunov

Senior Vice President of Yandex

Our open data COVID-19 research is here.

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We are located in New York at:


838 Sixth Avenue, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10001, United States

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