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How Welltory Revolutionizes Digital Wellness And Why It Matters

by Jane Smorodnikova, CEO & Co-Founder
Our engineering strategy made a huge leap when AI started becoming mainstream. Welltory’s co-founder and my close friend of 20 years, Pavel Pravdin, already knew what it meant for us and our future. In a year, he’s turned himself into a generative AI expert, truly embodying the spirit of innovation that drives us. He spearheaded projects like engineering a proprietary LLM collaboration platform for AI production and personally rolled out new AI-first product features. In his own words,
Quickly bringing an idea to life entirely on your own is every entrepreneur’s dream
He also shares his vision and expertise through lectures and workshops for the team, believing everyone at Welltory can optimize their workflow with AI — and his enthusiasm has been contagious, fostering a culture of learning and curiosity in our team.
Pavel also saw from the beginning that AI will help usher in a new era of 4P healthcare — a Predictive, Preventive, Personalized, and Participatory approach focused on helping people avoid disease. By blending AI and science, we’re on track to transform preventative health care into a dynamic, interactive, and deeply personal experience.

Irreplaceable support from investors and team

In 2016, Welltory started out small but with a mighty mission in mind:
To help people stay well for a lifetime with science and technology that serve each individual personally
We wouldn’t have gotten where we are without the $9M funding from angel investors who believed in our mission — and we’re immensely thankful for their support.
It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, but I believe difficult times are times when resilience shines brightest. Two moments come to mind. In 2023, a trying year for the industry and a time of hiring freezes and lay-offs, we actually reached a major milestone, becoming profitable for the first time. That same year, the Silicon Valley Bank collapsed, putting our finances at risk. We had to think of an urgent financing plan that involved salary delays — and 90% of the team agreed to delays without hesitation. Their extraordinary support touched me beyond words; luckily, we found a better way out.

Why users love us

We get them. We know everybody’s health journey is unique, and you’ll get more done by working with your body, not against it. 60% of our community are people just like you and me, eager to improve their health but feeling overwhelmed about where to start. They’re not necessarily worried about long-term risks like heart disease; they just want to feel better without diving into intense workout plans or strict diets. They’ve tried navigating the maze of health & fitness apps, looking for something that supports them without demanding too much change. Welltory stands out by offering a starting point free from intimidation. Our approach is gentle, encouraging small, manageable changes over lifestyle upheavals.
And the results speak for themselves. Within 1-2 months of using Welltory, our customers report sleeping better, becoming more active, and experiencing less stress. On average, they’re walking 20,000 more steps per month, getting an extra 20 minutes of sleep nightly, and reducing their physiological stress levels by 10%. And a striking 65% significantly improves their heart health, measured by heart rate variability.
These results aren’t a coincidence; they’re a consequence of our science-backed, personalized approach that meets you where you are and gently guides you to make simple, sustainable changes based on self-knowledge, not willpower.

What’s next

I couldn’t be more excited about the next chapter in Welltory’s story. We already launched a GPT-powered wellness assistant, Welltory AI Coach, and delegated 75% of customer support inquiries to an internally developed AI assistant, Meagan. Soon, we will introduce Sleep Flow — a feature that creates tailored sleep stories synced to user heart rates. But it’s about to get even more groundbreaking. This year, we’re aiming to pivot toward a digital twin experience for our users, starting with personalized chats that are deeply integrated with their data. Also on the horizon are multi-language support, collaborations with experts, and customized virtual assistants.
These initiatives are steps towards establishing Welltory as a leading holistic health ecosystem, setting the stage for a future where everyone has access to the personalized medicine, health insights, and care they need when they need it.
If you’re interested in supporting our mission as a team player, partner, or investor, drop me a line at [email protected].
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