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Our team has had a busy few months. We launched Welltory 2.0, made data collection easier, worked on adding custom tags (they’re almost here :), changed the app’s onboarding and much more.

We got so caught up with our projects that we’ve had to put off our monthly updates. But there’s no better way to keep you in the loop, so we decided to bring them back. Here’s what happened in March:

In the Measure tab

  • all measurements you took offline will now be uploaded automatically as soon as you’re connected
  • the error that slowed down tips during measurements is gone
  • there are new measurement instructions — a simple animation

In the Learn tab

  • a new design — there are separate tabs for “Lectures,” “Courses,” and “Progress,” which makes it easier to keep track of how much you’ve learned
  • new lectures that help you achieve flow, manage creativity, recharge, and set up your workspace

In the Act tab

  • a new program to help you overcome food cravings — find out how sugar, coffee, or other food can take over your life and how to stay in control

In the Check tab

  • added a “My health data” table with key HRV parameters, Welltory scores, and blood pressure numbers. You can use labels to sort the data and look at how your scores changed after meditation, a workout, or a ton of work. You can also export the data in CSV format
  • added a new graph that lets you check how your answers about the day’s productivity compare to your Performance scores — see how our objective scores match up with your subjective experience
  • learned how to analyze your steps data to figure out how many walks you took throughout the day (and how long you walked for) — find out how your walks affect you

In the Connect tab

  • updated the app descriptions to make them simple & user-friendly

Also, new users can now take their first measurement, get their results, and find out how Welltory can help them before signing up.

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