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Where Does the Time Go? RescueTime Productivity Tracker


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Do you know exactly what you spend your time at work on? You can track your work and see where your time goes using RescueTime. The time tracker will help you find correlations between your wellbeing and productivity. We will tell you how to be more efficient using simple life hacks. Functionality RescueTime is an app for your smartphone […]

How to find out your stress and energy levels?


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The new version of Welltory 1.2 application released – anyone could sign up and examine his lifestyle, it’s free. You could measure your level of stress and energy content right now. It is possible to analyze your health and how you are feeling – statistical information is saved and analysis give clues about improvements. You […]

Owls Vs. Larks: How to Wake Up Refreshed


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It’s not so much about how early you wake up. The more important thing is what you do during the first hours after you wake up. We are going to talk about ways to start your day productively and not waste your energy on unimportant stuff. The Internet abounds with lists like “10 ways to […]

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