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Heart Rate Analysis Can Predict HDD Failure


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As you may know, at Welltory we analyse heart rate variability data, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system performance, physical and mental stress and energy levels. Recently and completely accidentally we have noticed that our server load graph looks very similar to heart rate variability graphs. Figure 1. HDD rotational latency Figure 2. RR intervals […]

The New Era of Medicine


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Our body is quite mysterious. Sometimes you gain weight, other times you lose it, some days you have had a good night’s sleep and are in a great mood, other days you haven’t had enough sleep and your mood is terrible. And after hitting 30 you are secretly afraid of diseases that start to develop. Most […]

Stress and Technology


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Life confronts people with emotional experiences and stressors on all too regular basis. Every day we experience stress in all kinds of forms, from mundane arguments to meetings with much stronger irritants. Stress is practically an inevitable consequence of any conflict. Let’s look at some statistical data, you can read more about it here. A […]


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