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Track your health.
Become the fittest you.

What we measure, we improve. Observe your fitness & lifestyle. Day-to-day, year-to-year. Mindful health with our best heart rate variability app.
Green fuel tank with measurement results and the Key Insights excerpt

Deep heart monitoring

The science of heart rate variability lets you measure stress and other health metrics. Top athletes, doctors, and even astronauts have been doing this for decades. Now available on your smartphone with our heart rate variability monitor — anytime, anywhere.
Heart rate variability and Latest Results graph with an explanation of Resilience

Blood pressure

Get meaningful interpretations of your readings and 5 extra indexes, based on the latest clinical guidelines. Keep an eye on blood pressure the right way. With our best blood pressure tracking app.
Blood pressure stats sheet from the Welltory blood pressure tracking app

Data in, insights out

All your fitness data in one place. With 120+ supported gadgets and apps, you can sync them all with Welltory and make it the centerpiece of your health tech.
watch samsung google-fit withings garmin fitbit
Walks and runs distance and procrastination correlation graph

Work out, smart

Track your performance and recovery. Find out how different types of exercise impact how you feel and work, the best time to hit the gym, and for how long.
Workout results with bpm stats graph and workout activity stats

Best sleep
you’ve ever had

Our users are proven to get 25 more minutes of shut-eye every day. See how stress affects your sleep and productivity. Get tips on how to sleep better.
Sleep quality stats divided onto sleep cycles and key stats in the sleep tracking app

Your day, summed up

That elusive work-life balance? It can be done. See the day’s toll and your lifestyle in a bigger picture, with daily charts and a personalized summary.
Yesterday's move report chart with steps count and cardio, stand times

What millions say about Welltory






Great app

This app is well worth the money. I’m a data geek. The metrics around HRV are so helpful for assessing where I am on any given day.


This app changed my life.

. . . This app brings a whole new perspective to monitoring that helped me change my perspective and life. It has free tracking but I pay for this app because my doctor even noticed a huge life changing improvement after seeing the full version and how it taught me to handle my stress/ptsd and health issues . . .

April-Rose Ellington

Truly recommend

I was recommended this by my old gp when diagnosed with chronic illness to measure energy through out the day and to know when to rest. This has been a life changer and really helps me gauge how well I’ll be able to tackle the day based off initial testing.

Alexandru Taga

Like it a lot

This is my first review for an IOS app, and this one made me write it, because I really like the general appearance, measurements seem to be close to reality, it is not invasive with commercials.

Daria Ermini

I’m genuinely loving this app.

Was recommended to me by a neuropsychologist because they use it too and it’s absolutely amazing to track your stress and productivity levels throughout the day. loads of interesting content on mindfulness and how to make good decisions.

April Nicole

I absolutely love the feedback this app gives me about my body.

Dealing with some surprise health issues leaves me worrying when I feel ‘off’, & now I can have a well-informed peace-of-mind. It breaks everything down for you, takes the guess work out. It’s like having your own team of health coaches at your fingertips. . .


Well liked

It’s helping me understand how I am after my recent stroke and clot.

Jeff K

Excellent app.

Gives energy, stress and productivity. No need for equipment other than phone. Excellent correlation for cfs me patients with spoons energy estimation.

LeeAnn Z

This app has an amazing interface.

The data is well-presented and accessible, readings are super simple. . .

Coach Toe

This app has changed my life it stops the worrying and anxiety

This app has changed my life it organized my health in a why no app has ever dun . It has cutting edge technology that is unheard of it is truly a blessing from God know lie.

Michael Iles

Beautiful app.

Tons of stats and information that doesn’t clutter the gorgeous interface. Extremely helpful app for anyone who wants kind of a one-stop place to manage their health and wellness. Very highly recommend this app.

Successful Disaster

Deep dive

Wanna deep dive into your daily healthy? This is the app for it. It’s not perfect yet, but they’re working on it and it’s wonderful.


Easy to use, interactive & informative app!

I am a CFS sufferer & wanted an app to see if analysing my HRV could help give me an insight into my health to help better manage my condition. Only 1 day in but the stats relate to how I am feeling so I am going to give it a go for a month!


Striving for still waters!

Seeing my stress actually seeing it motivated me to start meditation again, along with diet and exercise. I love that this app puts it all together and explains everything so thoroughly

Helen Bowes-Catton

Has improved so much with updates!

It’s a much more sophisticated, but more intuitive, tool these days. Fantastic!

Steve M. Stănescu

Backed up by hard science with links to prove it

. . .I have been using it consistently for a month now, feeding it data from my cycling, running, and swimming workouts and, Ai-driven or not, I am very pleased with the amount and level of personalized content and direction.


So insightful

. . .I brought my stress from 98% down to 58% – which is helpful Eustress level. The app is highly educational – tells you good stuff when it’s measuring too, and provides solutions. . .

BCP globetrotter

Necessary data

Clearly coupled with the Apple Watch I now have the necessary data to understand how my heart is performing daily. That matters


Great biofeedback app

Must say this is first review I’ve done due to the app truly being one of the best all round apps I’ve used. Have my Oura ring synced up, muse headband and fitness pal. Currently using the polar chest strap for measurements and recovering from several long term illnesses and chronic pain. It’s really helped see what works and what doesn’t for my own body. Thanks and keep up the great work



The insights that this app hands you are outstanding. What an interesting, and quick way, to keep track of your health stats. I am fairly unfit and looking to spend more time working on my health. This tool is amazing. I love my Fitbit but this app gives you all the heart rate variability data that Fitbit can’t. . .


Lovely app

These apps are the underlying truth they tell based on research is very fascinating. I hope these kind of apps continue! It’s incredible really that you can seem healthy to some yet HRV suggests otherwise which should in theory lead to better healthcare all around.


Really useful in my daily life

. . . Now that I have finally upgraded my i-products, this app works great. And is really useful in my daily life. It can tell when my body needs rest, before I even notice. And reversely; can sometimes let me know that I’m actually in better shape, despite me feeling kind of blah . . .

nu ll

I was impressed that I could get so much advice just from the blood flow at my fingertips.

I felt that this was truly a tool for a better way of life for human beings, unlike the apps that just show vague numbers with a flashing camera to collect personal information.

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