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Learn how your lifestyle and daily choices affect your overall health with science-backed features of the Welltory heart rate variability app.

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Heart rate monitoring 24/7

Monitor your heart health around-the-clock. Use the insights to make the most out of your life.

blood pressure
blood pressure

Blood pressure tracking

Add your measurements from a blood pressure monitor to get science-backed response based on the latest clinical guidelines.

Connect 120+ apps and gadgets. Use one super app for health

Join our 141 000 users who have already connected their frequently used health apps and get 7+ times more charts and valuable insights.

More activity means higher online productivity

Your data shows that your productivity is higher when you move more. Physical activity boosts consentration, making it easier to focus and deliver results.

Workout heart rate

Balance workout and recovery. Know if you’re taking enough breaks and getting the energy your body needs.

Improve sleep quality

By analyzing your heart rate, REM sleep, light sleep, deep sleep, bedtime schedule, and more.

Your day, summed up

That elusive work-life balance? It can be done. See the day’s toll and your lifestyle in a bigger picture, with daily charts and a personalized summary.

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