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Track your health.
Become the fittest you.

What we measure, we improve. Observe your fitness & lifestyle. Day-to-day, year-to-year. Mindful health with the right tool.

Deep heart monitoring

The science of heart rate variability lets you measure stress and other health metrics. Top athletes, doctors, and even astronauts have been doing this for decades. Now available on your smartphone — anytime, anywhere.

Blood pressure

Get meaningful interpretations of your readings and 5 extra indexes, based on the latest clinical guidelines. Keep an eye on blood pressure the right way.

Data in, insights out

All your fitness data in one place. With 120+ supported gadgets and apps, you can sync them all with Welltory and make it the centerpiece of your health tech.
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Work out, smart

Track your performance and recovery. Find out how different types of exercise impact how you feel and work, the best time to hit the gym, and for how long.

Best sleep
you’ve ever had

Our users are proven to get 25 more minutes of shut-eye every day. See how stress affects your sleep and productivity. Get tips on how to sleep better.

Your day, summed up

That elusive work-life balance? It can be done. See the day’s toll and your lifestyle in a bigger picture, with daily charts and a personalized summary.



A fantastic app for body and mind awareness

I discovered this app through a recommendation a few days ago and I’ve literally been telling everyone about it. It’s so well designed and packed with incredibly helpful indicators, explanations and guides that you can’t help but become more committed to your health and good habits. I’m going for premium because I can already see it becoming an invaluable part of my health, both physical and psychological.


WOWed away!!

After downloading multiple simple heart rate apps only to be disappointed, it took me one test run with this app and I was blowed away and subscribed shortly after!!! I’m not one to ever leave a review neither pay for subscriptions but this was so accurate I’m Excited to have guidance and advance technology right in the palm of my hands! Seriously ive already recommended to many friends that I’m certain can benefit from just being observant and aware. This App hands down is is a life saver/game changer for me!!! ThankYOU developers!!!


Finally an accurate app!

I love this app. So nice to see that the developers are always open to feedback and are constantly striving to make the app better. Welltory helps me keep track of my workout ,making it much easier to overload the muscles gradually by referring to the data provided by each measurement. I have made tremendous progress through this app and would recommend it for every athlete out there who’s aspiring for some serious gains!


A coaches view

I am a qualified HRV coach and as such know a fair bit about heart rate variance and have tracked my own over the last six years. I use several apps and advise clients upon pluses and minuses of each. I love welltory for the massive amount of information it offers. I owe my current excellent fitness and health to the fact that I monitor HRV. For two years I was being over medicated for high blood pressure and proved this in order to come off all meds. If you are looking to understand more about your health I highly recommend this app.


Useful information to monitor health

When it comes to monitoring health, blood pressure and regularity/irregularity of heartbeat cannot be beat. But this app measures the interval between heartbeats and comes up with indicators of stress and energy and more. Now that is not something that the doctor will ask for, but it sure is useful – I can track whether I start the day rested, whether I have worn out during the day and need to slack off, and many other things as well. It has some neat information included to read while you wait for it to take its measurement. Great little app, and well worth having, so long as you use it.

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