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Discover the ideal work-life balance as Welltory integrates with RescueTime, providing visual aids, efficiency scores, and timely insights to boost productivity and avoid burnout
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Power Up Your Productivity

Work smarter not harder
With the fusion of Welltory and RescueTime data, you get an unparalleled perspective on your work habits, allowing for more effective and efficient use of your time
See how your workload impacts how you feel
By providing efficiency scores and visual charts, we turn complex data into clear, straightforward insights that drive effective decision-making
Your antidote to burnout
Our analysis highlights your work rhythms and stress points, equipping you with the knowledge to proactively manage your workload and maintain your energy throughout the day

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What our users say

Amazing App
This is the best app I’ve ever used for wellness both physical and emotional. It encourages me to use the breathe app on my Apple Watch more often and gives me a detailed analysis of my HRV, making it easier for me to assess my general state of readiness.
Life Changing App
I came across Welltory at a very stressed time of life. It’s empirical assessment, clear presentation and deep data and descriptions have been exactly what I need to understand where I am at physically and emotionally. I recommend this app for everyone wanting to find better balance and control of their life.
Great biofeedback app
Must say this is first review I’ve done due to the app truly being one of the best all round apps I’ve used. Have my Oura ring synced up, muse headband and fitness pal. Currently using the polar chest strap for measurements and recovering from several long term illnesses and chronic pain. It’s really helped see what works and what doesn’t for my own body. Thanks and keep up the great work
Alexandru Taga
Like it a lot
This is my first review for an IOS app, and this one made me write it, because I really like the general appearance, measurements seem to be close to reality, it is not invasive with commercials. That is the free version. I have seen that the premium has some more usefull in-depth details and options, although for me it has a price a bit too high. It seems nicer than the IOS health app. Very good job to developers.
Know yourself
Best I could find for heart data feedback. I’ve got just one body, so using it well, coming into a good balance with the pressure of the world is important and I want to get better at it, this app app helps.

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More on Welltory's Productivity Feature

Combat Procrastination and Enhance Focus
The scourge of productivity is often procrastination, and maintaining focus can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. With Welltory's new productivity feature, you can now effectively combat these challenges. By integrating your RescueTime data, Welltory helps you see how often you switch between different apps and websites and how much time you spend on tasks labeled as productive or distracting.
Identify Potential Burnout Triggers
Working to the point of burnout can have severe implications on both your health and productivity. By monitoring your work patterns, distractions, break times, and emotional states, Welltory highlights when you might be pushing too hard or when your stress levels are creeping up. It gives you insights into when you should slow down or take a break, ensuring that you're always performing at your best, but not at the expense of your health.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Welltory's Productivity Analysis work with RescueTime?
Welltory's Productivity Analysis works by integrating the data from RescueTime with its own metrics. RescueTime tracks your digital activities, including the time spent on various apps and websites. Welltory then combines this data with wellness insights, providing a complete picture of your productivity patterns and your emotional state throughout the day.
What is the "Efficiency Score" that Welltory provides?
The "Efficiency Score" is a unique metric provided by Welltory that offers a overview of your productivity for the day. It takes into account factors like how much time you've spent on productive tasks, the frequency of switching between tasks, and the adequacy of your breaks, thereby providing a comprehensive view of your productivity levels.
How can Welltory's productivity feature support individuals with ADHD?
Welltory's productivity feature can be a valuable resource for individuals with ADHD. It provides a clear understanding of your workday habits, focus levels, and distraction patterns. These insights can assist in creating a more structured and manageable workday tailored to your unique needs. By understanding your work rhythm and identifying potential focus-draining activities, you can develop effective strategies for managing ADHD symptoms and enhancing productivity.
Why sync Welltory when you can just get Rescuetime
While RescueTime provides valuable insights into your digital behavior, such as the time spent on various apps and websites, it does not account for your overall wellness and emotional state, which are key factors that can impact productivity.<br/>On the other hand, Welltory brings a more comprehensive approach by integrating RescueTime's data with its own health and wellness metrics. This fusion of data not only helps you understand your digital habits but also provides a broader view of how your wellbeing and emotions throughout the day correlate with your productivity levels.<br/> Furthermore, Welltory's productivity analysis offers additional features such as an efficiency score, insights into your focus levels, and visual charts to help you spot patterns and trends in your workday. This combined approach provides a more holistic and personalized picture of your workday, making it a more powerful tool in managing and improving your productivity.
Is productivity analysis a paid feature?
Productivity Analysis is only available to Welltory Premium users, with a subscription starts from 6.19$ per month

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