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Track health progress
Monitor your health progress and identify trends over time
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Make informed decisions
Welltory empowers you to make informed decisions about your health by providing a comprehensive analysis of your biometric data
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Reduce stress levels
Welltory helps you manage stress with personalized recommendations and real-time HRV tracking
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What our users say

Amazing App
This is the best app I’ve ever used for wellness both physical and emotional. It encourages me to use the breathe app on my Apple Watch more often and gives me a detailed analysis of my HRV, making it easier for me to assess my general state of readiness.
Life Changing App
I came across Welltory at a very stressed time of life. It’s empirical assessment, clear presentation and deep data and descriptions have been exactly what I need to understand where I am at physically and emotionally. I recommend this app for everyone wanting to find better balance and control of their life.
Great biofeedback app
Must say this is first review I’ve done due to the app truly being one of the best all round apps I’ve used. Have my Oura ring synced up, muse headband and fitness pal. Currently using the polar chest strap for measurements and recovering from several long term illnesses and chronic pain. It’s really helped see what works and what doesn’t for my own body. Thanks and keep up the great work
Alexandru Taga
Like it a lot
This is my first review for an IOS app, and this one made me write it, because I really like the general appearance, measurements seem to be close to reality, it is not invasive with commercials. That is the free version. I have seen that the premium has some more usefull in-depth details and options, although for me it has a price a bit too high. It seems nicer than the IOS health app. Very good job to developers.
Know yourself
Best I could find for heart data feedback. I’ve got just one body, so using it well, coming into a good balance with the pressure of the world is important and I want to get better at it, this app app helps.

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More about Welltory

Personalized health analysis and recommendations
With Welltory, you receive a personalized approach to health monitoring, with analysis of your biometric data and tailored recommendations for improving your health. The app takes into consideration a wide range of your health indicators, including your heart rate, sleep patterns, stress levels, and physical activity, to create a comprehensive plan specifically designed for you and your health goals. Moreover, Welltory's cutting-edge machine learning algorithms continually analyze your data to provide updated recommendations and track your health progress over time, ensuring you are on the path to optimal wellbeing and reaching your personal health targets
Convenient and comprehensive health tracking
Welltory provides a convenient and comprehensive approach to health tracking by allowing users to track biometrics through wearable devices, manual inputs, and integrations with other health tracking apps. The app provides a user-friendly interface and easy navigation, making it simple for individuals to monitor their health and make improvements. The app also provides a long-term perspective on health by tracking and analyzing data over time, allowing users to identify trends and patterns in their health indicators

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Welltory track your biometrics?
Welltory tracks your biometrics through various means such as wearable devices, manual inputs, and integrations with other health tracking apps. You can connect your device such as a fitness tracker, smartwatch, or even blood pressure monitor to collect data about your health indicators. The app also provides manual input options for those who do not have access to wearable devices.
What kind of data does Welltory track and analyze for you?
Welltory tracks and analyzes a wide range of biometrics, including heart rate, sleep patterns, stress levels, physical activity, and more. You can also manually input data such as your dietary habits, mood, and symptoms. By combining this data with machine learning algorithms, Welltory provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your health indicators and their impact on your overall wellbeing.
How does Welltory improve health?
Welltory improves health by providing users with a comprehensive analysis of their biometrics and health indicators. The app tracks and analyzes key indicators such as heart rate, sleep patterns, and stress levels, providing users with a better understanding of their overall health. By combining this data with personalized recommendations, Welltory helps users make informed decisions about their health and make improvements to achieve optimal wellbeing.
Can Welltory be used in conjunction with other health tracking apps?
Yes, Welltory can be used in conjunction with other health tracking apps. The app integrates with various health tracking devices and apps to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your health indicators. Whether you use a fitness tracker, smartwatch, or a dietary tracking app, Welltory can help you get the most out of your health tracking efforts.
Is Welltory easy to use?
Yes, Welltory is designed with ease of use in mind. The user-friendly interface and simple navigation make it easy for you to track and analyze your biometrics, view personalized recommendations, and make improvements to your overall health. Whether you're a tech-savvy individual or just starting to monitor your health, Welltory is the perfect app for you.

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