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Why Pair Welltory with your Fitbit

Optimize your daily performance
Welltory analyzes your Fitbit and HRV data to provide personalized recommendations for exercise, sleep, and stress management
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Boost your workout efficiency
With Welltory, tailor your workouts based on your current energy levels and recovery state. Maximize results while minimizing the risk of overtraining and injury.
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Enhance mental well-being
Welltory's insights on stress and relaxation help you build healthier habits to manage daily stressors. Achieve a calmer, more balanced mind for improved focus and productivity.
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What our users say

Amazing App
This is the best app I’ve ever used for wellness both physical and emotional. It encourages me to use the breathe app on my Apple Watch more often and gives me a detailed analysis of my HRV, making it easier for me to assess my general state of readiness.
Life Changing App
I came across Welltory at a very stressed time of life. It’s empirical assessment, clear presentation and deep data and descriptions have been exactly what I need to understand where I am at physically and emotionally. I recommend this app for everyone wanting to find better balance and control of their life.
Great biofeedback app
Must say this is first review I’ve done due to the app truly being one of the best all round apps I’ve used. Have my Oura ring synced up, muse headband and fitness pal. Currently using the polar chest strap for measurements and recovering from several long term illnesses and chronic pain. It’s really helped see what works and what doesn’t for my own body. Thanks and keep up the great work
Alexandru Taga
Like it a lot
This is my first review for an IOS app, and this one made me write it, because I really like the general appearance, measurements seem to be close to reality, it is not invasive with commercials. That is the free version. I have seen that the premium has some more usefull in-depth details and options, although for me it has a price a bit too high. It seems nicer than the IOS health app. Very good job to developers.
Know yourself
Best I could find for heart data feedback. I’ve got just one body, so using it well, coming into a good balance with the pressure of the world is important and I want to get better at it, this app app helps.

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More about Welltory

Personalized health recommendations
Welltory utilizes your Fitbit data to provide tailored guidance that can help you optimize your overall well-being. By understanding your body's unique needs, you can make informed decisions to improve your daily performance, manage stress, and enhance your workout efficiency. With Welltory, you'll be able to adjust your routine to reach your fitness goals while minimizing the risk of overtraining and injury, leading to a healthier and happier life.
Comprehensive well-being support
Welltory app doesn't just focus on physical fitness; it also takes into account your mental well-being, sleep quality, and immune system resilience. By monitoring your HRV data and offering actionable advice, Welltory ensures that you're taking care of your mind and body in a holistic way. You'll learn to manage daily stressors more effectively, improve your sleep patterns, and strengthen your immune system, leading to increased focus, productivity, and an overall improvement in your quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Welltory use Fitbit HRV data?
Welltory can't utilize the HRV data collected by a Fitbit device but it can use most of the other data. We recommend taking HRV readings with a camera or using a compatible device
Can Welltory help me optimize my workouts?
Sure it can! Welltory uses your HRV data to tailor workouts based on your current energy levels and recovery state. By following these personalized recommendations, you can maximize your workout results while minimizing the risk of overtraining and injury, ensuring a safe and efficient fitness journey.
Do I need a Fitbit Premium subscription to use Welltory?
No, you do not need a Fitbit Premium subscription to use Welltory. While a Fitbit Premium subscription may offer additional features and benefits, Welltory can still provide valuable insights and recommendations based on your Fitbit data without the need for a premium subscription.
Can Welltory make use of other Fitbit metrics, such as steps, sleep, and calories burned?
Yes, Welltory can utilize additional Fitbit metrics, such as steps, sleep, and calories burned, to provide a more comprehensive understanding of your overall health and fitness.
What Fitbit devices are compatible with Welltory?
Welltory is compatible with a wide range of Fitbit devices that support heart rate tracking, including Fitbit Charge, Inspire, Versa, and Sense series devices.

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