The new version of Welltory 1.2 application released – anyone could sign up and examine his lifestyle, it’s free. You could measure your level of stress and energy content right now. It is possible to analyze your health and how you are feeling – statistical information is saved and analysis give clues about improvements.

You could find in this article: why it’s cool and useful, why you need to measure yourself and what’s the point of Welltory service.

Why is it useful to analyze your lifestyle?

Have you thought what determines health? No, it’s not a weather outside the window, even though it has a value. Not an evil eye, witchcraft or moon phase. Genetics affects only 20 %. Another 10% is medicine and treatment.

The good news is that 70% of health depends on us: daily habits, nutrition, sleep quality, wakefulness and activity mode, our abilities to determine stress and relax. We can affect it all.

Usually medicine treats consequences (diseases), but does not treat causes – what caused it, how we could prevent it development.

health depends on lifestyle Welltory

We can affect our health by changing our lifestyle

Fortunately, the world has changed. More and more people understands: we need preventive medicine. Taking care of yourself in time is better than expensive treatment and a life with drugs. Healthy lifestyle came into vogue. Top manager Vasiliy went for a run, marketer Tanya came to a gym and accountant Kate gave up on everything and went to Goa to teach yoga.

What’s wrong with this fashion for healthy lifestyle?

Trainers, nutritionists and wellness coaches do not examine each client. You get only general recommendations. You are considered as an ectomorph, and this is all personalization.

Jogging increases Vasily stress – he has no time to recover, is not sleeping enough. Despite the correct jogging technique, relaxed walking is more useful for his body.

Tanya is dancing almost professionally. Performs at concerts, training 5 days a week after work, orders a beautiful dresses with sequins. Once her back starts to ache unbearably. Survey shows damaged spinal discs due to poor muscular corset and high load. Tanya stayed six months in bed and forgot about dancing.

Kate teaches that yoga involves higher vibrations, but notes that some people fall asleep in the “dog muzzle down” pose and are not enlightened.

Every person is unique healthy app Welltory

The body of each person is unique. What is useful for one – could be harmful for others

We are different, even though technically we have a pair of feet, eyes and the same location of organs. We have different immunity, productivity time, inner energy reserve, stress response.

Misunderstanding of that thing leads to health destruction.

You cannot manage what you cannot measure

Let us imagine. You are using mobile operator services. You chose it, you have compared prices, minutes cost, internet or roaming conditions. You know how much you spend per month on communications. If at the end of month you get some huge bill, you would resent, ask for details and would see how the money flowed.

Tanya, who was engaged in dances, was strong and hardy woman. But she missed the moment, when she spent too much from her health account. She did not notice. Now it is impossible to find details – she is working lying in bed, training her back muscles in the gym with a coach.

Therefore, it is important to know more about your body. To understand effects of your activity. Eating, sleeping, work, weather, hobbies – everything together makes you feel good or not.

your can measure your health in welltory app

To improve your health, first you need to know a condition of your body

How to know everything about your health condition?

Good news number two: you already have a device that will help carry out health diagnosis. One of the most accessible things – a smartphone in your pocket.

Using application you can keep a record of quality and sleep time, time and productivity of computer work, number of steps per day. Food diary, calories calculation, heart rate and heart rate variability.

Fitness gadgets, “smart home”, gauges and sensors in weights/ humidifiers/socks – everything is already available, it would be a great help to monitor health.

welltory appstore

There are many sources, that would help to create a complete picture of your lifestyle

Data is recorded automatically – you don’t need to record everything in notebook like a geek, to make complex tables in Excel. You could once connect a smart watch – and all the statistics will be available without your participation. Vasily to track his progress in jogging needs to look at his  endurance and pulse indicators.

But there is a problem – we get only information. How to analyze it? Therefore, we continue to rely on intuition and feeling.

How to use information from gadgets to improve health?

A little digression. Over the past decade, the movement formed Quantified Self people. These people bent on measuring and improving themselves. They record everything: mood, health, steps, and so on. Using that information they are seeking interconnection, analyzing impact.

It is not for everyone.

To understand the impact of lifestyle to the health, we need to have knowledge about physiology, neurophysiology, be able to analyze the facts and figures.

Health and lifestyle app Welltory

Objective data about the health – motivation for the right decisions

Compare data from different applications? Search why you can’t get enough sleep, why you have a headache and how it is related to missing breakfast? Notice how each our actions affects to your condition? Laziness, frankly. You have to work. No time for this.

And there is no need.

We created Welltory, for your convenience

To monitor your health, you need to organize all  actual indicators, to collect “call detail record”. Welltory service integrates data from different sources in a single application. Graphically – all information is before your eyes as pretty graphs.

welltory be better version of yourself

Look at the statistics in application and track the improvement of your feeling

Measure your energy reserve and level of stress in the morning. Simply attach your finger to the iPhone camera. Even this is enough to measure the heart rate variability – although there are other hand-held devices for measurement.

New version of application allows you to do all this easily, during 1-2 minutes and free. You can connect all your gadgets and see your lifestyle in complex.

Find out your body condition in just a few minutes

Statistics is gathered, you can view it in your computer or phone. Huge amount of information about your health could be accumulated during 2-8 weeks. This will create the foundation to show objective condition of your body. It is possible to draw conclusions using this data and to find problem causes.

Collecting data and making daily measurements will soon make your health stats much more detailed

You’ll see hints and tips from Welltory analysts: your stress have increased by 27% compared to the last week, pay attention to small amount of physical activity.

This is additional motivation – it becomes easier to control yourself.

You can change your life for the better with insigthful analysis

Recall about Vasily and jogging. When he is training for a marathon of 50 kilometers, he runs every day, 7 days a week. If Vasily was invited to have a drink on Friday, Vasily will think hard. Alcohol tonight will affect nonproductive jogging tomorrow, there will be a rollback, Vasily will lose his progress.

But we are ordinary people, not marathon runners, so we need a base, to think about health. Temptation to have a drink with friend is reduced if you see graphics from the past weekend: here you have drank, your sleep was deteriorated by 47% and dramatically jumped stress level. All the weekend was not productive.

Stress and alcohol welltory

The graph shows: user stress levels was dramatically increased. The night before he drank strong

Figures give us the context of events. Collected statistics helps us to see connections: that’s a deterioration, that’s an improvement. If you are already thinking about health and want to get rid of bad habits – start with a small thing.

Measure your stress and energy levels

We specifically made a new version with free registration. We wish more people to learn about their health condition and lifestyle.

healthy gadgets and devices welltory

Begin to study your life – it’s interesting

Join now!

Download the application now.

Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. We promise android users to create application in 2-3 months – stay tuned to our blog and social networks.

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