October was a busy month, and we have a lot to share with you 🙂

Here’s what changed

In the Measure tab

  • Added a big overall score at the top of the Measurement details screen. Find out how many parameters look good right away.
  • Updated the structure and texts in Measurement details to make it more user-friendly.

For Android users:

  • Added an inanimate object detector to the camera. The app will no longer measure sofas or tables 
  • Added the option to adjust camera settings for users who lose signal during measurements. See the instructions here.

In the Learn tab

  • Added the option to share snippets of our content on Twitter. Share out lifehacks with friends!
  • Added new lectures and videos. Find out why walking is good for you, how to beat anxiety, why setting a sleep schedule is important, how to boost your stress resilience, and how stress affects migraines.
  • Fixed the mobile video player so that it fits your screen. Enjoy!

In the Act tab

  • Added a selection of step-by-step programs to help you form new habits – set a sleep schedule, be happier and more productive, learn how to recover, and collect data about yourself.

In the Check tab

  • Added “My graphs.” Star graphs you want to see first and build your own dashboard.
  • Added titles to the axes in graphs. Now you can find out exactly what they’re showing.
  • Added recommended values for some graphs so you can see what needs improvement.
  • Added a new graph that shows the correlation between sleep and energy levels. See how sleep affects you!
  • Split up stress and energy into separate graphs so you don’t have to flip back and forth on the same graph.
  • Added meta-tags to make sharing your dashboard easier. Share your progress with friends, your coach, or doctors.

In the Connect tab

  • Split up all data sources into categories. Find out which apps you definitely need and how to collect data about nutrition, productivity, sleep, health, and exercise.
  • Added links to all data sources. Download apps and buy gadgets directly through Welltory.
  • Added another 20+ data sources so you can plug in your favorite apps & gadgets.

Have thoughts on how we can improve the app? Ideas about lectures and videos you want to see? Let us know!

Happy self-tracking,

The Welltory team

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