Hey there!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are ready for the winter holidays.

Our team got a lot done in November! We looked through your reviews, corrected errors, made changes to the interface, and got ready to launch some major changes! They will be out soon.

In the meantime, we’ve made some updates that we’re excited to share with you 🙂

Important change for iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X users. We fixed the flash & camera errors so you can measure away with no problem!

And good news for Android users: make PRO payments directly through Google Play! This technically happened in the beginning of December, but we couldn’t wait to share the update with you. No more pulling out your payment info and entering your card details

Here’s the rundown:

In the Measure tab

  • Revamped the Measurement history and measurement results screens. Switch to guest mode in seconds, get more info about your selected heart rate monitor, and see your tags, heart rate, key parameters, and blood pressure for every measurement without having to tap on each one separately.
  • Made Measurement details available to free users for 5 days after you first see them. Plus, these results will stay available to you even after the trial period expires. Enjoy!
  • Updated the measurement start screen. Switch to guest mode and see which heart rate monitor you’re using right away.
  • Revamped the Measurement history screen. See your tags, heart rate, key parameters, and blood pressure for every measurement without having to tap on each one separately.
  • Slowed down the Tips during the measurement so you have more time to read through them.
  • Added more labels to the post-measurement survey. Tag your measurements with chores, panic attack, music, breathing exercises, and more.
  • Fixed measurement reminders for Android 8 Oreo. Set reminders to avoid missing your morning or evening measurements.

In the Learn tab

  • Put up new lectures and videos. Find out how to get in the zone when you’re stressed and boost your creative thinking. See how stress affects anxiety, learn how to breathe during a panic attack, find out why walking makes you healthier, set your sleep schedule, boost creativity, and recover properly!
  • Added more settings to the mobile video player. Adjust the speed and quality however you like.

In the Act tab

  • Launched a slew of new programs to help you stay sane and balanced: turn walking into a habit, beat procrastination, ditch your gadgets for a weekend, and stay active during the day.
  • Linked your program tasks to time of day. No more morning measurements before bed!
  • Added the option to rate programs after you complete them. Let us know what you think!

In the Check tab

  • Meet one of our new parameters! The Performance graph is based on our in-house research and is here to help you see how close you are to your best possible self – your peak performance state. You’ll be seeing this parameter in the measurement results screen soon.
  • Added more graphs: body temperature vs. stress, blood alcohol level vs. stress, how energy impacts productivity, and number of measurements.
  • Made graphs with post-measurement survey answers, Heart rate, Blood pressure, Weather, and Favorite places available to free users. Plus, we added date filters. Start analyzing your data and get a full-fledged intro to the quantified self dashboard.
  • Added the option to share your dashboard with friends, your coach, or healthcare providers directly from your profile in web. You can also turn off access to an active link if you no longer want to share your info.

In the Connect tab

  • Added a search bar for data sources. Find your apps and gadgets without flipping through long lists. Plus, each source only links to apps compatible with iOS/Android.
  • Added a check mark next to Apple Health/Google Fit when it’s connected to the app. You no longer have to wonder if your data is synced properly.
  • Extended disconnect options to free users. Users who cancel their subscriptions can now disconnect their data sources from the app.

What else?

Check out our latest articles:

And subscribe to our YouTube channel. We post clips about the body & brain, health hacks, interviews with digital health experts, and Welltory reviews.

Finally, in a couple of weeks, you’ll be seeing a completely new version of the app: Welltory 2.0!

We’re talking BIG changes, not minor updates.

We’ve written an algorithm that self-adjusts as it learns more about you, can tell the difference between your current and baseline states, and gives you personalized recommendations for every measurement.

The new version is also packed with a bunch of new parameters:

  • performance (how close you are to your best possible self)
  • performance cost (how well your body is handling stress)
  • whether you’re conserving or expending energy
  • whether the stress you’re experiencing is good for you
  • how to plan your day, recover effectively, and much more

This is a huge step forward for us, and a ton of new useful information for you!

With love,


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