Every once in a while we think about what to give our friends and relatives as a gift that would be interesting, unconventional and – most importantly – truly useful.

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If you think that your friend doesn’t take care of themselves, is too consumed with their work to devote time to themselves, if you are worried that they are too stressed or that they need to do sports and have a healthier lifestyle, then Team Welltory will be an ideal present.

The only limit is having an iPhone (but we are working on the Android version too).

If your friend tries to lead a healthy lifestyle and needs an expert opinion and consultations through an easy-to-use software, we recommend our Lifestyle Tracking and Support plan.

If your friend has told you that they can’t seem to achieve their goals, reduce stress, get in shape or beat chronic diseases, then the Personal Advice plan would be perfect.

If your friend needs to take care of themselves but can not find the time or doesn’t know what to do or you can’t make them do that, choose the Proactive Care plan. This plan will suit you if your parents live far from you and you want to care for them.

If you want to do something really nice for your friend and you think that they need additional audio and video support in addition to text messages in our app, then the VIP plan is the right choice.

To sum up, here is the full list of our plans

 1. Lifestyle Tracking and Support. This plan is designed for people who prefer handling everything themselves. Our team will answer any questions ranging from gadgets and apps to health and stress. In addition to that, we will be tracking their lifestyle and will let them know what they should pay attention to. If you get a 6-month subscription, we provide a free heart rate monitor.

 2. Personal Advice. This plan is also for those who like making their own decisions and handling everything themselves. The plan includes a personal analyst who analyses data, provides personal recommendations and saves you time (makes medical appointments, schedules deliveries if you need a gadget, schedules and reminds about medical tests, etc.). Your friend can choose what they want to focus their personal recommendations on: improving health, appearance, productivity or happiness. We provide a free heart rate monitor if you get a 6-month subscription.

 3. Proactive Care. This plan is designed for people who need help or impressive results. A personal analyst with a team of experts will work on improving your lifestyle using Welltory methodology. Comprehensive data analysis, problem prioritization, result analysis, bad habit control, full support. Free Welltory heart rate monitor.

 4. VIP. Response time – 2-3 minutes, audio and video interaction with your health analyst and experts, holistic approach. Free Welltory heart rate monitor.

If you have any questions, simply use the little chat box in the bottom right corner of this page, we will be happy to help.

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