The first gadget to track sleep, which does not need to wear on hand or put it under the pillow. All that you need – to put tracker S+ by Res Med near the bed. It will help you get to sleep quickly, will monitor sleep quality and analyze how to improve your sleep.

The S + is interesting, as it helps to solve problems with sleep and here is our overview after testing the gadget.

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The first contactless sleep tracker S+

How could be useful S+?

Sleep tracker that can track your breathing rhythm and movements, that is how it defines the time of falling asleep, amount of sleep in deep and rapid phases, wake-up time. It is able to measure temperature, noise and light levels in your bedroom. It wakes you up when it would be easier to wake up.

S+ makes daily report for you, which you can view in application or on a laptop. Report contains information about things that affects your sleep and expert recommendations how to make your sleep healthier and deeper. Tips are individual and detailed.

Welltory rewiew Res Med S+

Detailed evaluation of sleep and recommendations – in application

Collected statistics is analyzed. Therefore, you will see how is changing your quality of sleep during a week or month in beautiful graphics. Res Med company, the manufacturer of the gadget, is studying sleep disorders for 25 years and develops technologies to improve it. For this reason Monitor S+ inspires trust.

What can do S+?

Sleep Sensor is a patented technology that allows creating a contactless gadget. During night your breath and movements are analyzed, gadget uses that data to determine the phase and sleep quality. The manufacturer says that measurement accuracy is confirmed by scientific research.

After analyzing your sleep app gives recommendations – what you can improve

There are light and temperature sensors in bedroom. It analyzes noise level at night. That information could show why you sleep badly – for example, it is too hot in bedroom.

Daily, you can see in application sleep estimation and chart – it helps to understand what affects sleep. Sleep is evaluated on a scale from 1 to 100. The manufacturer points out that 69% of people with sleep score of less than 75, are increasing deep sleep time by 31 minutes during second week of using tracker.

Detailed evaluation of your sleep. Ideal – 100 points

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Detailed statistics, simple and clear

Options of S+:

  • Function Relax Daytime – soothing sounds that are synchronized with breathing rhythm. It helps to relax and fall asleep faster
  • Mind Clear – you can record voice or text thoughts, notes and plans for tomorrow before going to bed. An interesting option to clear your head from night thoughts
Sleep better with Mind Clear option in Res Med S+

Mind Clear option in Res Med S+ to write notes before going to sleep

  • S+ Mentor – personal tips for improving sleep, are based on your actual data. It is convenient to see what affects sleep.
  • Smart alarm clock. It wakes you when it’s easier to wake up, calculating the phase of sleep.
Smart alarm S plus Res med

You can select the mode of notes, set an alarm or turn on relaxing sounds

Appearance and characteristics of S +


  • Manual and documents
  • Network adapter with 2 USB connectors
  • Power cable
  • The frame and S+ gadget itself

Housing materials – aluminum and plastic. Appearance looks interesting. Manual says that you can use sensor without gray frame, it means that you could take it with you on the trip, device takes up little space.

Device dimensions: 20.6 cm x 10.7 cm x 5.3 cm Weight: 272 grams.

S+ is synchronized via Bluetooth 2.0. You can connect to the android, iPhone, iPad, iPod using application “S+ by ResMed app”. There is an app for Apple Watch as well.

Res Med S plus rewiew IOS and Apple Watch Apps

IOS and Apple Watch Apps

S+ Test

After the test, we can say: it takes a long time to configure device, we had many questions. Pages of application are loading very slowly.

Every time you turn on the Bluetooth, you have to wait about a minute until S+ appears in the list of connected devices. Then a green indicator of gadget lights up, indicating that S+ is connected – but the gadget is yet not found in search.

Res Med S plus welltory rewiew

It is a pity that there is only Bluetooth connection

If you sign out and then sign in, it will take 5 minutes.

When you first set up your account, you need to enter your information – height and weight. By default, you can only specify it in inches and pounds. Selection of kilograms and centimeters is possible only after registration.

Drawbacks of S+

– There is no customer support to ask a question

– Gadget works only if you leave the app open on your phone during the night like Sleep Cycle

night mode S plus

That’s how smartphone screen looks in night mode

– Application is slow, as mentioned above – everything is loading very slowly

– Connection via Wi-Fi would be more convenient, as it implemented in Sense and Aura. Some people don’t like to keep Bluetooth turned on all night.

– There are requirements for gadget location. You should put an empty box on the low bedside table to provide gadget location at the correct height.

– To enable sleep monitoring, you need to make at least three clicks and answer questions from Res Med. Several times it was impossible to set an alarm, we had to set it again – it takes about 10 clicks.

– Polls are detailed. It’s good for sleep analysis, but sometimes it’s annoying. I want to fall asleep as soon as possible, not to answer questions about previous day.

Welltory rewiew Res Med pre-sleep

Sometimes polls are annoying

– There is no built-in speaker – relaxing sounds to fall asleep quickly, as well as alarm clock sound through your phone speaker. This is not very convenient.

Pluses of S+ gadget

+ Cool option Mind Clear. For example, often my different “brilliant” ideas come to mind before bedtime – you can quickly write them down and won’t forget anything.

+ Very attractive “batteries” to clearly show recharge of mind (REM) and body (DEEP) during night

welltory Res Med gadgets rewiew

Batteries demonstrate how your mind and body have rested

+ Tips to improve sleep – they are better and more informative than in other trackers

+ The plug has a second USB connector for charging your phone

+ Detailed polls to choose personalized recommendations. But it although could be a minus.

+ Very detailed visual evaluation of sleep, beautiful graphics for night

Res Med rewiew good night timeline

Schedule of sleep during night: slow sleep, deep sleep, brain rest and wake-up time are considered

+ Relax Daytime function really helps you to relax.

+ FAQ is detailed and has clear answers to many questions

+ Plenty peoples with multiple accounts can use that gadget. But it is unclear how it will work with two people in one bed, we have not checked.

+ Long charging wire


In general, that gadget could be described as a senior brother of Sleep Cycle. But it’s not very convenient to keep the application opened in phone during the night, and use smartphone speakers for alarm signal.

Overall impressions are positive. Technology is working, sleep is determined precisely and detailed, recommendations are helpful. Manufacturer can improve some things by to make application more convenient.

However, it is very functional and useful device made by company, working in the sleep market for over 25 years.

If you want to sleep even better, we recommend you look closely to the Awair – a device for monitoring the air quality in your bedroom.е.{:}

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