Hello, friends,
Here is some exciting news from our team.
We’ve added a selection of step-by-step programs that cover sleep, mood, exercise, procrastination, and more! Get daily tasks based on data about sleep, steps, and productivity collected from your apps & gadgets. We’re looking forward you try them out, and plan to add even more programs in the near future.

Another important change:
Measurement details are now only available for free users on a one-time trial basis. Please upgrade to PRO for unlimited measurement details.

We hope that you’ll support our decision, as it will allow us to put more resources into research & development so we can update our algorithms.

After we make the updates, you’ll be able to find out:

  • If you’re saving energy or expending it
  • If the stress you’re experiencing is good or harmful
  • And what kind of shape you’re in overall

The best part? These updates are based on our own research that we’ve been able to conduct with our database — the largest collection of heart rate variability data that has ever been compiled.

Thanks for helping us make it happen!

We would like to offer you a 50% discount for 1 month of Welltory PRO. Ask for your promocode in Welltory chat.

Welltory PRO gives you:

  • Unlimited access to all programs, lectures, and video clips
  • Data integration with a ton of apps & gadgets (we just added another 23 to our list!)
  • Everything you need to optimize your lifestyle and feel great every day.

Thanks for sticking with us and look out for more improvements and updates this month!

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