We’re happy to announce that Welltory version 1.3.3 is now available in the App Store with a ton of new features and updates.

This version has a lot in store for those who are ready to discover even more about their bodies and health.

This is our first update in three months, but that’s not because we weren’t working hard to come up with improvements. It took a long time for the App Store to verify the latest version because we had to switch to Apple’s payment system. Plus, there were major changes inside the app that further extended the verification process.

Everything finally came together in May :). The new version, which is available now, has so many new features and updates that listing them all would be overwhelming – it’s basically our team’s road map for the past 6 months!

That said, the following 3 big changes are key:

First, HRV Assessment feature:

Aside from stress and energy, users can now find out more about their heart’s work, blood pressure, nervous system, sleep quality, and health in general. Our HRV (Heart Rate Variability) detailed breakdowns make the measurements much more valuable, and feature all the details you would typically get from a professional heart rate variability reading. It’s a real possibility to check your physiology stage at glance within 3 min.


To find this feature in app you should go to history of measurements, choose a needed measurement and there to tap the button “Detailed breakdown” on the bottom.

Find out more about it at our separate article about HRV Assesment here.

Second, in-app payments!

Welltory is now using an in-app payment system. This means you can now upgrade to a paid plan inside the app through Apple’s payment system. We haven’t changed our rates at all, even though the App Store takes a 30% cut. :-).

Thanks to the new payment system, you’ll also be able to unsubscribe from a plan easily, without having to contact us through the chat window.

Third, measurement quality control:

The app uses your phone’s motion sensor to control measurement quality. If you’re moving around too much, the app will stop the measurement. This should increase a measurement accuracy, since your movements can produce inaccurate results that don’t match how people feel.


There’s also an option to turn off the motion sensor if the new function is annoying and doesn’t do much for you.

There are also a lot of user-friendly additions to the app’s interface and plugging in external heart rate monitors is more simple than ever. As soon as you connect a heart rate monitor, the app will immediately let you know whether or not it can be used to take a measurement with the explanations.

The new version of Welltory takes our service to the next level by allowing users to:

– get extensive health information after each measurement

– take more precise measurements with the help of the app’s quality control feature

– having more pleasure from controlling yourself thanks to cool interface 🙂

We can’t wait for you to update your app, try our new features, and (YES!) leave us a review in the App Store!

Download new version 

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