Configuring SleepCycle
15 April 2016

Sleep is one of the most mysterious processes in our body. Isn’t it interesting – sometimes we can’t tear off the head from the pillow however sleeping for a long time, and sometimes we feel energised after just a couple of hours of sleep? What is the secret? The fact is that there are different sleep phases – fast and slow, so revival depends on what phase of sleep you awake. Determining the correct amount of time is not easy because the duration of the phases varies.

Each of the phases has its own function. The slow-wave sleep is predominant (80% of the total number of hours of sleep) – during this phase one restores the body energy, while the fast phase is for the processes of organizing received information. Yet it is called paradoxical, because at this time a person sleeps, but the brain is awake.

If you suffer from insomnia or just want to improve the quality of your sleep, you just need to consider these phases. And this can help you with the Sleep Cycle app.

How does the Sleep Cycle app work?


The app keeps track of the phases of your sleep and wakes you when you are in a phase of light sleep, that is why you wake up naturally, without an alarm clock.

Depending on which phase you are in, your movements in the bed change. This program uses sound analysis in order to identify in which phase you are. During the light sleep, Sleep Cycle will wake you up with a nice and quiet melody.

In order to begin using this application, you need to download the sleep tracker SleepCycle from the App Store or go to the website

Step-by-step instruction of using Sleep Cycle


  1. Download the app SleepCycle on the iPhone by clicking on the link.
  2. Open the app, set the latest time you want to wake up and select the interval in which you want to wake up.

Before you sleep, connect the smartphone to the outlet so that during sleep it does not run of of battery and place the phone properly for an alarm clock to wake you up on time. Do not place the phone under the pillow or a thick mattress. If you are uncomfortable at the thought that your smartphone is near your head, you can install it in flight mode. As an added bonus, you won’t be disturbed at night. 

During the week collect information about your sleep.

The provision of sleep data to Welltory

After a week of tracking sleep, send us information about your sleep. To do this, open the app SleepCycle, go to Settings —> Advanced —> Database —> Export database.

In the ‘to’ field, enter the e-mail [email protected] In the body of the message save the default text: “Here is my complete Sleep Cycle data. Click “Send”.

So, now you have installed SleepCycle, which monitors your sleep. Send us the data on your sleep once in a week for us to understand the quality of your sleep.