Setup and configuring RescueTime
5 April 2016

We analyze your lifestyle. A very large part of it is how efficiently you work and how you have configured the balance of work and rest.

To obtain this information, we use different methods and one of them is the app RescueTime, which is installed on work and home computer. It analyzes the productivity of your business. More specifically, it tracks the sites and apps you use and sorts them by types of activities (business, coding, communication) and productivity (productive pastime, neutral or destructive). And most importantly – does this automatically.

Besides the usefulness for our study, this information is also useful for you if you always wanted to carry out a cost analysis of your time but never had the discipline to do it.

To do this you need to install the application on your computer, and then connect it as a source of information in the Welltory application.

We do not receive any information about what exactly you were doing on your computer, which websites opened.. We get only the result of the analysis, approximately as follows:

But we can analyze what factors related your productivity and what impact it – stress, sleep and other parameters of your lifestyle. So let’s get started.

Step-by-step instruction of using RescueTime

Install RescueTime

Install RescueTime onto the computer by clicking on the link

Before you install sign up by clicking on the green button “Sign up” in the upper right corner. In the opened window, select “Sign up now” Fill in the required fields – email, password, confirm password and click “Sign Up”  You will see the setup screen on your computer. Click on the green button to download the program. Run the installation program and install it on your computer In the opened window enter your e-mail and click “Activate” You will see a window with two blocks. In the block with the blue border, select the three points that you consider most productive activities. In the block with a red border, select three points that you consider entertaining and distracting.

Yay! You installed RescueTime on your computer.

We recommend to install RescueTime on all computers you use – work, home. In this case, we will be able to accurately analyze your productivity and avoid distorted conclusions.

Connect RescueTime to Welltory

Open Welltory app and go to Data sources – RescueTime. On the next screen, select RescueTime. On the screen “Connect” click “Connect”. Enter the username and password from RescueTime and click “Login”. Yay! Now the data on your productivity will be received by your health analyst.

So, you have installed a program that will help you to track the amount of time spent at the computer and also to evaluate your level of productivity when working for him.

Within the first 10 days we will see the first patterns between your productivity and, for example, stress levels.