Supported data sources
14 March 2016

Welltory plans to support the maximum possible number of sources of information about health and lifestyle. We will continually add new sources, applications and devices primarily on the basis of what our users already use. This article will help you understand what data we can load now.

What information about your lifestyle is useful and relevant?

Your activity

  1. How many hours you’ve slept and how full was your sleep.
  2. The number of hours working at the computer and iPhone, as well as the level of its productivity.
  3. Your location.
  4. Your number of steps, which allows to determine physical activity and calories expended during walking and movements.
  5. Heart rate during exercise.
  6. Nutrition and calories calculation.

Your health

  1. State of your heart.
  2. Your stress level.
  3. Blood composition and pressure.
  4. Your weight and percentage of body fat.
  5. Body weight, body mass index.
  6. Blood pressure.
  7. Level of sugar in the blood.
  8. Level of oxygen in the blood.

Your environment

  1. Temperature.
  2. Humidity level.
  3. Air quality.
  4. Concentration of CO2.
  5. Level of noise.
  6. Quality of lighting.
  7. Oxygen level in the house.
  8. What kind of music you listen to and what is the level of aggressiveness.
  9. Weather parameters: temperature, air pollution, humidity, pressure.
  10. Phase of the moon.

Let’s get started!

So, in order to begin the research of your lifestyle, you need to install several required apps on your iPhone and learn to use at least one device that should give us enough good data on the variability of your heart rate.

STEP 1: Install prerequisite applications

Installation Welltory

This is the main application that you need.

Thanks to it, you will be able to communicate with your analyst and to assess your current health state in just a few minutes, determining your stress level, heart rate and energy level in real time.

In addition, it can be connected to additional devices that will help to collect more data about your lifestyle. They will be discussed below.

Download the app

Install RescueTime

41MuhTV09PLThis is one of the best timetrackers that will show you how to organize your work and the most important resource – your precious time. It also helps to measure your productivity and improve efficiency while working at the computer. This app you can install on a home desktop computer.

App cost: Free

STEP 2: Connect the source of sleep data

icon175x175Sleep Cycle app is based on the patented technology of sound analysis. Due to the sensitive motion sensor iPhone app can detect the slightest vibrations. While you sleep, the app estimates your sleep, that by morning will draw you a picture of activity in your sleep. In order to interpret the data, you need to forward the information received to the mailbox [email protected].

App cost: Free

Supported fitness trackers and sleep trackers


Unlike other trackers, Beddit doesn’t require to be worn on the wrist or on the neck. You place Beddit under your mattress. The sensor film on one side has an adhesive base so it can be fixed on one or another surface. The sensor is connected to the USB power supply that comes with the sensor and not require replacement or recharging. After its easy setup you just sleep. The sensor unit is a passive structure and does not emit radiation. Beddit tracks sleep quality, counts the heart rate, analyzes the breath.
Price: 13300 ₽


Misfit Flash – fitness-tracker that allows you to record all the data about physical activity. Guaranteed to work under water, so it can be used even while swimming. The device reads information such as blood pressure, pulse, and calories burned.
Price: not announced


The Fitbit tracker counts steps taken, distance and calories burned. In addition, through the web interface or the app it is available to track weight, water consumption and food.
Price: 10999 ₽

Fitness tracker Jawbone UP2 series fully monitors the user’s activity: steps, distance, movement time, calories, sleep – recognizes the stages of sleep by movement in the bed and past statistics; wakes up at a specified time or in recommended, based on the phases of sleep; recommends further actions via the app; keeps a record of calories consumed (manually).
Buy Jawbone, Buy Jawbone 3
Price: 5900 ₽ / 15990 ₽
Withings aura

Withings Aura Smart sleep system helps to improve the comfort of sleep and awakening, combining a unique system of analysis of sleep cycles with external sensors and convenient mobile application.The sleep sensor is a sensor under your mattress and monitors your individual cycles and phases of sleep during the night. Bedside sensor uses scientifically selected program of lighting and sound environments.
Price: 29999 ₽

The tracker sends all data to a compatible smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac wirelessly.
Putting your weight, you can calculate the number of calories burned, as well as to obtain information about whether or not you move to reduce your weight, or need to walk and run. During this mode, the app monitors your sleep phases, time and quality of the sleep.
Price: 49.95 $

STEP 3: Connect a device that analyses heart rate variability (HRV)

POLAR (wrist sensor)

The Polar heart rate monitors help to monitor the progress of your workout and continuously record your heart rate. Whoever you are – a professional athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or just making your first steps towards a healthier lifestyle – Polar heart rate monitors with ease will help to understand how your heart reacts to the load.
Price: 9700 ₽
Zephyr (chest strap)


Zephyr allows you to measure your heart rate. Zephyr heart rate monitor is a comfortable chest mount. The wireless communication module Zephyr allows you to transfer data to the mobile device located at a distance of up to 10 meters.
Price: 6990 ₽
Polar (chest strap)

Polar chest strap monitors are the accurate ones.The sensor is attached to the torso of an athlete with the help of special straps, making absolutely not interfere with.
The straps are made of soft fabric.
Price: 3100 ₽


The heart rate belt, the Suunto Smart Sensor is the most compact device of this class with the technology of Bluetooth Smart. Accurate and comfortable to wear the sensor are suitable for any sports. When you are swimming, the sensor records data about the frequency of your heartbeat. Connecting the sensor to the application Welltory, you can also analyze, relive and share your results. The kit comes with the Suunto Smart Sensor belt heart rate belt with the new, improved design.
Price: 8990 ₽

If you do not have a device that measures HRV

It doesn’t matter. We can offer you our Welltory smart clip, which will help you to collect the data.

Welltory Smart Clip

Welltory device is a smart clip, which is able to measure parameters of heart rate variability. Simply put it on, and it will start measuring the beats of your heart with millisecond precision.

In our case, we measure physical and mental stress, adaptive resources of the body and overall health.

STEP 4: Install additional applications

This step is not mandatory, but useful. If you have additional data that you register for yourself (e.g. calories, your diet or mileage), you can connect these data sources to Welltory to give more data about your lifestyle. These applications include:



For fans of new places to train Strava shows the most popular spots in the community of runners and cyclists that you can explore.
The main thing you need is to choose run or bike and set the desired landscape.
App cost: Free


This is a great program-companion for those who decided to get in shape and go for a run or biking.

  • Different types of workouts (running, walking, etc.)
  • Built-in music player
  • Voice guidance
  • Detailed mapping training
  • Ability to share result with your friends
App cost: Free
23 and Me


A genetic test will give you only the information that is inherent in your genes.
It allows you to:

  • Discover 335 indicators of your health
  • Get information on 40 indicators on nutrition and sport
  • Reveal 55 personal qualities and the history of ethnic origin
Service price: 149 $

Moves places on the map the places where you spend your time and provides a detailed map of all the user’s movements throughout the day. If you put the Moves on, for example, kids ‘ phone, you can know they went to school for real or not. The application has a calorie counter.
Unlike most other pedometers, Moves very carefully refers to the battery of the smartphone.
App cost: Free

DailyMile is a social project for people who love sports, watching their form, where their examples inspire others and open up new places for training. It’s a friendly social community for people passionate about sports.
App cost: Free

This app is for calorie counting, which offers the following:

  • Food diary to record what you eat
  • Huge collection of healthy recipes for your diet
  • Information about nutritional values for all foods, brands and restaurant
  • An activity diary to record all the calories you burn
  • Weight chart and journal to record your progress
App cost: Free


Users of Vitadock mobile devices can monitor the quality of training and health.
Among them, a daily activity chart, summary of sleep index BMI, subcutaneous body fat and a 14 day summary of blood pressure.
App cost: Free

STEP 5: Use additional devices

If you want to extend the list of your lifestyle data, you can use devices that measure your physiological parameters or environment at your home.

Device for measuring physiological parameters

Blood pressure monitor (iHealth)

This tonometer has a pneumatic cuff. The device is designed to work with apple mobile devices. The data obtained can be sent by e-mail to your doctor (or Welltory health analyst).
The tonometer allows to measure the systolic, diastolic pressure and pulse at any time.
Price: 99.95 $
Blood glucose meter (iHealth)

This device for measuring blood sugar level is connected to the audio jack of your iPhone. The kit also includes a special syringe for blood sampling and a jar with replaceable cartridges for analysis. Using a special app, you can always find out the actual blood sugar levels in just a few easy steps.
Price: 29.95 $
Pulse oximeter (iHealth)

IHealth wireless pulse oximeter PO3 for iPhone, iPod and iPad helps you quickly and safely measure the level of blood oxygen saturation and your pulse.
Its display works in any weather conditions and at any time of the day.
Price: 69.95 $
Smart scale (Withings)


  • Weight measurement
  • Measurement of adipose tissue
  • Heart rate measurement
  • Temperature measurement and air quality
Price: 13999 ₽

Devices for measuring home environment

Smart air conditioning by General Electric

To control the operation of the air conditioner through iPhone or iPad.
From the app you will be able to keep track of what the electricity consumption of the air conditioner is now, monitor the functioning of all its parameters. It does not matter, whether you are at home or away, even on another continent.
Price: 300-880 $
Netatmo Weather Station

  • Moisture measurement
  • Air pressure display
  • Wireless sensor
  • Watch
  • Weather forecast
Price: 13 199 – 22 990 ₽
Smart bulbs (Philips)

Unusual light bulbs are able to change the color and brightness of illumination, and the usual control for them is the iPhone or iPad. In order to control lighting in the house, you need to install the application Gadget will help you to wake up at a specified time and brighten the room with light, smoothly increasing brightness.
Price: 4 990,00 ₽
Smart bulbs (LIFX)

Smart light bulbs have several functions: adjustment of color and white light and a menu of special effects. It can be configured in such a way that it will catch fire the moment you enter the apartment. And for those who are very hard waking up on cloudy days LIFX provides an alarm function with simulated sunrise. The functions of the bulb are controlled by the LIFX app.
Price: 5350 ₽
Nest Learning Thermostat

This gadget is not just the automatiser to all the processes associated with maintaining optimal indoor climate — it self-learns and adapts to the needs of the owner.
Using data from the bracelet Jawbone UP24, Nest changes the temperature in the room depending on if the owner sleeps or is awake.
Price: 20990 ₽
Nest Protect

Nest Protect is a smoke sensor capable of detecting smoke and carbon monoxide, informing you about exceeding limit of their content in the air.
With Nest Protect you don’t have to frantically wave a towel near the smoke alarm, for it to finally stop. If you want an audible alarm to go off, stand under the sensor and merely wave your hand.
Price: 12990 ₽


If you have any of these devices, use it and get more information about your way of life. The number of parameters will eventually expand. The more devices you have, the more information we can get about your way of life.

If you have a device or information source that you think is useful for us and want to connect this data source, tell us about it in the comments to this article.