Why, when and how? Everything about measurements
21 April 2016

Measurements: what are they for?

Our in-app measurements analyze heart rate variability (HRV) – length of cardiac beats in milliseconds that shows status of your vegetative system – system that regulates the ability of body to adapt to changing conditions.

Vegetative systems consists of sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions. The first one is like a gas pedal, another – like the brake one. A healthy person has both divisions balanced. But if he, for example, gets ill, sympathetic division starts to prevail. The two systems get imbalanced and this negatively affects blood flow and the work of organs.

It is possible to estimate the condition of the vegetative system if you pay attention to the change in time, or variation, between successive heart beats over time and analyze them with the methods developed by Professor Roman Baevsky in the middle of the 20th century.

When to make measurements

For best results, make measurements twice a day:

  • Morning – 15 minutes after you wake up, but before coffee intake, breakfast or shower
  • Evening – just before falling asleep, in bed

It is also important to measure your stress and energy levels in the moments of specific circumstances – headache, stressful situation, illness to figure out later, how it affects your vegetative system.

During the measurement try not to move or talk for best results. Breathe in a calm, usual way.  You can even switch to other apps – the measurement will continue in the background.

How to make measurements

1. Turn on your HRV device and put it on


2. Turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone

3. Open Welltory app

4. Open “Heart Rate Monitor” in the sidebar menu

5. Choose connection type: “Bluetooth”

6. Сhoose your device on the next page. You will arrive back onto the Heart Rate Monitor screen

7. Select “New Measurement” in the sidebar menu. Make yourself comfortable, relax and press “New measurement” 


8. Once the measurement is completed, you will see a message “Processing results” and after a few seconds you will be able to add a comment to the measurement, answer a couple questions about your current condition and, of course, see your results and make a new measurement.
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Congratulations, from now on your device will connect automatically when you press “New measurement” if your iPhone’s Bluetooth is on. Thus, steps 4-6 should be done only when connecting new device.