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Как прикладывать палец к камере

Camera Measurements Guide and Tips

October 30, 2016

If you use your iPhone’s camera for stress and energy measurements in our app, you might have noticed that the results сan sometimes be strange. In this article, we will try to point out ‘ideal’ measurement conditions so that your camera measurements become more reliable.   First of all, we included an option to make measurements


Supported Heart Rate Monitors

September 19, 2016

Using Welltory app, you can find out your current stress and energy levels in just a few minutes. It’s possible to get this data analyzing a special metric of our heart – heart rate variability (HRV). Your phone’s camera If you’re curious about your health condition, but at the moment you have only you phone – you


Why, when and how? Everything about measurements

April 21, 2016

Measurements: what are they for? Our in-app measurements analyze heart rate variability (HRV) – length of cardiac beats in milliseconds that shows status of your vegetative system – system that regulates the ability of body to adapt to changing conditions. Vegetative systems consists of sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions. The first one is like a gas


Configuring SleepCycle

April 15, 2016

Sleep is one of the most mysterious processes in our body. Isn’t it interesting – sometimes we can’t tear off the head from the pillow however sleeping for a long time, and sometimes we feel energised after just a couple of hours of sleep? What is the secret? The fact is that there are different

Motorcycle Details

Setup and configuring RescueTime

April 5, 2016

We analyze your lifestyle. A very large part of it is how efficiently you work and how you have configured the balance of work and rest. To obtain this information, we use different methods and one of them is the app RescueTime, which is installed on work and home computer. It analyzes the productivity of


Supported data sources

March 14, 2016

Welltory plans to support the maximum possible number of sources of information about health and lifestyle. We will continually add new sources, applications and devices primarily on the basis of what our users already use. This article will help you understand what data we can load now. What information about your lifestyle is useful and