Dear coffee nerds, from now on you don’t have to worry about your “bad habit” of drinking too much coffee. It’s now a scientifically proved fact: 2-5 cups of coffee a day won’t do any harm. This post is aimed to refute the myth of harmful caffeine. 

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Do you start your day with a savoury Americano, too?

Coffee dehydrates the organism – false

There’s a widely spread thought that each coffee cup removes water from the organism. Well, that’s not true. Coffee is a diuretic, however this effect is revealed only if you drink it rarely. 

If you drink coffee two or three times a week, your organism adapts to it and stops reacting to its diuretic properties. This means that coffee is detected as any other liquid. However, this doesn’t mean that now you can replace water with coffee. But, you also don’t have to pour in two glass of water with each espresso cup. 

Coffee improves brain activity and increases concentration – true 

High caffeine beverages enable more productive work when you feel tired. Coffee braces you up and helps handle lack of energy. 

Straight after coffee gets from stomach to blood it increases the level of dopamine and noradrenaline in our brain. That’s why we feel more energetic and less tired. 

The research shows that coffee improves concentration and helps memorizing information. 

It’s worth mentioning, however, that a regular consumption of coffee weakens this energizing effect since our body adapts to it. 

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Coffee increases concentration and improves memory – fact

Coffee provokes rapid heart beat and irregular heart rate – false

Medical research didn’t reveal any connection between daily consumption of coffee and heartbeat rate. 

The research on the connection between caffeine consumption and cardio-vascular diseases development was published in 2014; it proves that people drinking 3-5 cups of coffee a day are in the same risk group as those who don’t drink coffee at all. 

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The risk of cardio-vascular diseases caused by coffee is nonexistent. However, this has nothing to do with those who prefer a cigarette with their coffee. It’s still dangerous.

Coffee helps lose weight and increases stamina – true

This is a scientific fact. Coffee accelerates metabolism and provokes a faster fat burning. The numbers differ from research to research but the trend is the same – caffeine accelerates metabolism by 3-11%. Slim coffee addicts  burn fat 29% faster, while overweight ones do it only 10% faster. But still. 

How does it work? Our nerves send signals to our body to split fat. At the same time our brain produces tons of adrenaline and we get increased stamina as a side effect. That’s why you find caffeine in various sport nutrition. 

However, this is not a long-term effect. Make an experiment and drink a cup of coffee 30 minutes before your workout. You will be able to make more reps while your workout will be more intensive. 

Drink coffee before your workout welltory

Drink coffee before your workout!

More benefits from coffee 

Tell this to everyone who grumbles about coffee addiction

  • Coffee reduces the risk of a stroke and multiple sclerosis
  • Coffee addicts have lower
    chances to get type 2 diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases
  • Coffee shows a positive effect  with
    chronic liver diseases, decreases the chances of  cirrhosis development and contributes to better results during antiviral therapy with Hepatitis C patients. 
  • Protects the brain from Parkinson disease and
    Alzheimer’s disease
  • Decreases depression symptoms. This information is under research right now, but there are some proven facts that women drinking coffee on a regular basis are 15% less exposed to melancholy.

It’s very important to emphasize that all the above-mentioned facts are only true about organic coffee. 

In what cases coffee can be dangerous to your health?

Caffeine benefits are scientific facts already; and these benefits are even bigger than most of us can imagine. But everything should be done in moderation. Don’t forget about side effects from coffee consumption. 

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Do not drink more than 5 cups of coffee a day; your nerves won’t appreciate this.


Coffee possesses addicting property – true 

Yes, we get addicted to caffeine. If we decide to quit immediately we’ll suffer from migraine, loss of concentration, fatigue. Luckily, these symptoms won’t last long. 

If you want to eliminate coffee from your life, do it gradually, step by step.

Coffee provokes nervousness and rapid heart symptoms – true

As well as insomnia, irritancy, rapid heart and nausea. Some people need only one cup of coffee to become exposed to these side effects, however, everything depends on your individual disposition. But most of us should just follow simple rules of non-abuse. 

Coffee is dangerous for those suffering from gastrointestinal tract diseases – true

It stimulates gastric secretion, that’s why people who suffer from ulcer and gastritis should abstain from drinking coffee. 

In high dosage it can cause stomach aches, vomiting, gastrointestinal upset and diarrhea.  

Abstain from coffee during pregnancy – it’s not a must but a good advice

It’s not possible to tell for sure. There are no definitive proof of negative influence on a baby. However, it’s important to remember that coffee is able to penetrate into placenta. 

So, pregnant ladies, be careful. 

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Only natural coffee is beneficial for our health


How to drink coffee? 

  • Everything in moderation: drink 2-5 cups of coffee a day
  • Do not put sugar into your healthy drink! It destroys all the positive effect. 
  • Abstain from coffee in the afternoon in order to avoid insomnia symptoms
  • Remember that adding sugar and cream to your coffee adds to your workout

Make it useful for your health! 

Now feel no remorse ordering your favorite Americano. But if you feel tired even in the morning and cannot do anything before you drink a cup of coffee, perhaps it has nothing to do with your lack of sleep. Sometimes the reason is way more simple.

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