We’ve compiled a list of things you can do without going on a vacation. These ideas can help you plan your weekend with friends, family or even alone.

The healthiest type of recreation is switching to something totally new. If you sit at the computer all week then watching TV series lying on your sofa will hardly make you energized. Plan your weekend in advance to be active, relax and be productive the next week. We hope that everyone will find here something interesting.

1. Surfing without going to Bali

Wave machines make this possible. They provide a great opportunity to learn surfing before going on a surf vacation.

2. Indoor skydiving

Great experience! It’s perfect for those, who have always wanted to skydive but have been afraid to try. For children aged 5 and over and adults. Not for people with heart or nervous system problems though. .

How it works Fans capable of windspeeds of 300 km/h enable you to fly. You can control your dive by changing the position of your arms and legs, you can also go up and down by changing the position of your body horizontally.

3. Amusement park

It’s a great idea for having an active and fun weekend with friends, family or partner.

4. Museum that you haven’t been to yet

5. Ice skating

Even if it is freezing outside. You will warm up in the process. It’s so much fun.

6. Horse riding

This kind of recreation will help you reduce stress. There is even a special type of therapy that uses horse riding to treat nervous disorders and depression, it’s called hippotherapy.

7. Karting

8. Spa

After indoor skydiving or karting it’s perfect time for spa.  Aromatherapy bath, skin exfoliation, facial masks and body wrap recipes with strawberry jam, chocolate, caviar, anything you like really. The point is, spa reduces stress and relaxes you.

It’s great if you want to come with your partner, many spa centres offer special programmes for couples.

9. Russian bath, Turkish bath or Sauna

It’s great for reducing stress, relaxing and sleeping better. The Russian bath opens up and cleans your pores, warms up your muscles and trains your heart. Using branches speeds up blood circulation and scrubs off dead skin.

But you should be careful, don’t go if you have a cold/fever or are experiencing recurrence of a chronic disease. Consult your doctor or health analyst in the Welltory app.


Russian bath: high humidity and high temperature

Sauna: moderate humidity and moderate temperature

Turkish bath: high humidity and moderate temperature

10. Drawing, pottery or knitting

Creativity helps you get energized and reduce stress. You can experiment: measure your energy level in the morning after doing something creative the previous night.

Drawing, music, pottery, wood carving, woodburning, embroidery, knitting, anything that keeps your hands busy will do. It improves your concentration and its effect is akin to meditation. It’s good to do two hours before going to bed. It will help you get your mind off work or Facebook and sleep better.

11. Stand up courses and stage performance

It’s great for getting out of your comfort zone and expanding your mindset. And you’ll get plenty of adrenaline!

Did you like the list? Can you recommend something else?

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