Help your team

manage pressure

With an app that teaches them how to balance stress & energy to get more done.

12 months for 50 team members – $750

Engaged Employees. Happy clients.

Stress & energy management app for iOS and Android

Biometric screening

Measures stress & energy with just a smartphone camera

Videos & lectures

Simple, science-based how-to for the brain & body

Trackable programs

   Step-by-step guides for better health & productivity

Clinical tests

Built-in tests for job burnout, depression & much more

Watch the video and find out what Welltory is all about!

You can’t think if you’re stressed


Your brain can't work well if you're stressed

Learn more


Productivity drops if your brain is struggling

Learn more


Less stress means healthier employees


Help your business grow

Welltory’s wellness program reduce employee stress and improve business outcomes

Higher ROI for $ spent on salaries

Lower healthcare costs

Focused and productive staff

OK, I want it. How do I get it?

Rolling out Welltory, easy as 1 – 2 – 3


Pay for the subscription - 100 employees for 12 months

We send you the activation code and a template with instructions


Team members use the app's chat if they have any questions

Launching corporate wellness program with Welltory requires no effort

Health support in the app's chat to answer your staff's questions

Comprehensive and permanent employee wellness solution, not a one-time seminar

More affordable than any other corporate wellness program

Gives you everything you need

You don’t need to hire speakers and coaches

There are structured lessons inside the app. Short videos and concise explanations, all based on the latest research.

You don’t need expensive wellness programs

We have personalized, data-driven programs built in to help users improve sleep, focus, and more.

You don’t need to buy your team gadgets

We support apps & gadgets your team members have or we can recommend free alternatives.

You don’t need to spend money on biometric screening

We have stress & energy measurements built in for unlimited everyday use.

Sounds like magic? It’s just science!

Welltory measures heart rate variability (NOT the same as heart rate). A reliable method backed by 20,000 publications on PubMed, HRV is widely used in healthcare and professional sports.

Welltory has made heart rate variability measurements available to anybody with a smartphone.

Welltory measures HRV through the smartphone camera. This method of recording volumetric changes in blood flow with the help of a light source is called PPG.

Read more on the science behind Welltory here.

Ready to try it? Measure your stress & energy, it’s free!

What does it look like?


Measure stress & energy

All you need is a smarthone camera. You can also plug in a heart rate monitor


Plug in 50+ apps and gadgets

To analyze your lifestyle and productivity: steps, sleep, nutrition, and more


Dashboard to track progress

Sign up now to check out the dashboard. Keep all your data in one place. Our handy charts will help you see what works for you


Videos to explain theory

The education program consist of video lectures, concise explanations, and lifehacks. Find it in the app’s Learn tab


Personal programs

12-month personal program to help form new habits and improve wellness for each employee

Welltory has already helped 200K + users improve:



Stress & Productivity

For this client, higher stress levels mean lower productivity



Computer Time & Stress

Spending more than 8.5 hours in front of the computer raises the client’s stress level



Sleep & Energy

Sleeping longer than 10 or less than 7 hours reduces this client’s energy level



Calories & Stress

Burning less than 200 calories per day increases the client’s stress

Health & productivity: they go hand in hand!

People love Welltory. Here is what our users say:

for good health and easy sleeping

Before I’ve had trouble sleeping for the past year or so, waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep. I tried every kind of sleep aid and nothing worked. After using Welltory for a few months, I was able to figure out that the problem is actually my diet (turns out I was eating too much protein). I’m glad I tried this! ok thanks you are apprecited.

by nikkibella786

gorgeous app 

easy to find out good result and adopted by my friends group for HRV tracker thanks

by Foyej00005

totally changed how I work

Honestly I am always stressed. I have my own startup, so it’s to be expected. But I do know that stress affects the decisions I make and the amount of work I can do. I was shocked when Welltory showed me how little I am able to get done when I don’t feel well. It completely changed the way I approach my work-life balance. I used to think working more was the right thing to do, but I’ve learned to value quality over quantity.

by Rabby121

Awesome thing

Blessings to yall! P.S. some HIIT specific parameters / sugestions / b/a measurements would be highly appreciated

by Luca Pintilie

amazing app

I like Welltory because the quantified self approach is kind of my comfort zone as a software developer. I like charts, numbers, metrics, seeing my data on a dashboard, and doing experiments. I learned a lot of neat things about myself I didn’t know before.

by Rebacawolfe

Nice app my choice

I am a trader. Welltory helps me avoid risky decisions. I know I take more risks when I’m stressed, so I stop myself from buying anything other than low-risk shares when I see my stress levels are through the roof.

by foye 00001

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Trusted partners & integrations

“The biggest driver of corporate wellness programs is data integration”

Google Fit

Apple Health



Mi Band








How can I be sure it works?

200K+ users already managing their stress & energy with us

70% of our users see positive results

Educational content based on the latest research


Our average user reduces their stress level by 20% in 3 months. How much can this boost your ROI?


The average cost of a specialist is $100K per year. When stressed, they perform at about 30% of their potential.


Imagine just one employee actually learns how to manage their stress & energy.


It's at least 20x more than what you're getting now.

Start your wellness journey today!

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