Welltory, an app that lets people measure their stress and energy with the help of their smartphone cameras, now features detailed breakdowns of your heart rate variability measurements – HRV assessment.

What makes this news so great?

Welltory helps people to adjust their lifestyles so they can be healthier and more productive. The app lets to measure their stress & energy levels, as well as plug in 100+ data sources in order to track correlations between different lifestyle factors (like sleep, nutrition, and exercise) and changes in energy and stress. In Welltory stress & energy parameters are calculated with the help of heart rate variability algorithms. Heart rate variability (HRV) is an analysis of time lapsed between heart beats, which tends to vary depending on how healthy you are. Higher variability means your body is better equipped to handle the stressors you encounter on a daily basis. Variability reflects the state of your autonomic nervous system and is frequently used in fields like healthcare and professional sports.

Here’s what heart rate variability (HRV) is:


Each measurement entails a number of different parameters. The average person won’t be able to understand how to interpret them properly.

Here’s how much data a heart rate variability measurement can generate:

picture (2)

There are a number of devices that let people measure heart rate variability (Polar or Zephyr, for example). There are also services that give people details about HRV measurements, like EliteHRV and Firstbeat.

But with Welltory, you will get a detailed breakdown of your HRV measurement along with explanations about what these parameters mean for you personally. It is a real HRV assessment. We included all of the parameters scientists use to analyze people’s health (from both temporal and spectral analysis) and added explanations next to each one. In order to integrate this new feature, Welltory specialists went through heaps of research on correlations between HRV and different systems in the human body.

Now, Welltory new feature – HRV assessment –  provides users with an in-depth picture of their health & wellness for every HRV measurement.

Measurement results before used to be limited to stress & energy parameters, which helped users understand how their body responds to stressors and recovers. Now, each measurement comes with a detailed breakdown that explains what’s going on with their bodies.* (see Medical Disclaimer below).

Why do people need this?

In HRV assessment, you’ll be able to see key HRV parameters and find out what the numbers mean for you personally.

Watch this video about what happens during a measurement:


To get your health details in the iOS or Android version of the app, tap the plus sign on the bottom of the measurement, add your blood pressure to the measurement, then select “Measurement details.”

You’ll see an in-depth explanation of what’s happening with your body across the following categories:

1)      Your heart


Here, you can find out how well your heart is working and whether or not you should think about making a doctor’s appointment.

Example: Your heart rate variability is within the normal range. Your heart is coping with stress well, and your body easily adapts to external stressors.

2)      Your nervous system


This section will give you an idea about how tired and in need of recovery you are.

Example: Your recovery potential is low. Your nervous system is exhausted and is having trouble regenerating. You might be getting sick.

3)      Your sleep


This section includes parameters related to the number of hours of sleep you got the night before.

4)     Your day


Here, you’ll learn about your Total Power, level of mental stress and more.

5)      A general assessment based on blood pressure


Example: These kinds of numbers are usually seen in professional athletes, very healthy people, or people with very strong parasympathetic nervous systems. In rare cases, really good numbers can be a sign of extreme exhaustion or a disorder.


Clearly, these parameters and explanations are most helpful to people who want to be productive every day.

Aside from explanations, you also see digital values for your parameters and where they fall compared to average numbers (the norm).

HRV assessment for measurements are available in the free version of the app. Adding blood pressure data within an hour of taking the measurement will give you more detailed insights. The measurement will also be more accurate if you use a heart rate monitor, since your phone camera makes calculations based on 100 beats, while heart rate monitors use 300. Extended version of Welltory with paid tariff will provide even more details, since users will be able to plug in sleep data to app.

Get your general diagnosis with Welltory – Android versioniOs version

Why is this important for the mHealth market?

Welltory currently has the biggest database of HRV measurements in the world (350,000+ measurements). It’s a great opportunity to analyze data and search for correlations between lifestyle factors, health and productivity.

We’ve made another big step forward by adding the most detailed HRV breakdown available completely free of charge to anybody with a smartphone camera.

There are a lot of HRV solutions on the market, but none of them have explanations for key parameters with understandable for everybody breakdown. EliteHRV, for example:

Pasted image at 2017_04_18 10_22 AM

There are also customized reports, like Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment, but such reports are expensive and aren’t significantly more detailed than Welltory. Considering that this is an automated and free service, HRV assessment is a big step forward that promotes HRV as a health assessment method and makes it more accessible.

“We are first on the market to attempt to explain heart rate variability for everybody in simple terms like natural daily self-assessment,” says Welltory’s co-founder and R&D director Jane Smorodnikova.

Another unique feature of heart rate variability analysis is that it’s completely non-invasive. You don’t have to get bloodwork done or hand over DNA samples. Plus, all you need to take a measurement is an inexpensive heart rate monitor or your phone camera. It’s almost like this method was custom-made for digital solutions – it can be applied to a wide range of helpful services.

Thanks to these new features, we can get a more in-depth picture of what’s happening with our bodies and the steps we can take to boost our energy and productivity.

Get your general diagnosis with Welltory – Android versioniOs version


Medical Disclaimer:

The information provided by Welltory does not constitute a medical diagnosis. It is not a suggestion to self-medicate or ignore recommendations from healthcare professionals. It is also not a replacement for a consultation with a healthcare professional.


The table below lists all of Welltory’s HRV parameters in case the user wants to analyze them independently or show them to a healthcare professional.

Title Measurement indicator
Basic vital signs
Heart rate, bpm heart rate
Systolic blood pressure, mmHg systolic
Diastolic blood pressure, mmHg diastolic
Temporal HRV analysis indicators
Mean RR, ms meanrr
MxDMn, s MxDMn
pNN50, % pnn50
Moda, ms Mode
AMo, % AMo
Spectral HRV analysis indicators
HF, ms^2 hf
HF share, % hf / hf+lf+vlf
LF, ms^2 lf
LF share, % lf / hf+lf+vlf
VLF, ms^2 vlf
VLF share, % vlf / hf+lf+vlf
Total Power, ms^2 hf+lf+vlf
LF/HF lf/hf

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