Facts about stress

Stress can affect your brain and body physically, as it proved by scientific studies. For example, cortisol produced as a stress hormone, could cause a damage of hypothalamus and shrinking of your prefrontal zone, which is responsible for learning and rational thinking. That is why under the stres we are not able to analyze properly. There are common symptoms of stress as insomnia, decision-making disorder; problems with appetite, weak immune system, breathing misbalance. Stress can cause many problems including high blood pressure, severe viral infections, headaches, heart disease, psychic disorders, etc. Chronic stage of stress is also leading to depression and professional burnout. Here we will share with you the productive experience how to cope with stress and how you can quantify stress with the help of Welltory and heart rate variability algorithm in your life in order to detect the permanent bad factors in your life style and increase your ability to deal with day-to-day challenges.

Ways to relieve stress and anxiety naturally


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If you’re an adult living in modern society, you likely experience stress related symptoms like headaches, insomnia, low energy, frequent colds, and nausea. While some stress is not bad for you, chronic stress can take a toll on your body and pose a serious threat to your physical and mental health. “Stress is like a violin,” […]

Winter Blues or SAD. How to Beat Winter Depression


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At this time of year, when the pre-New Year hustle and bustle and the holidays are over you need to go to work and get back on track. However, many people feel tired and depressed. Do you feel drained too? Here are ways to overcome that. Winter depression symptoms Apathy, sleepiness and inability to concentrate, […]

Where Does the Time Go? RescueTime Productivity Tracker


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Do you know exactly what you spend your time at work on? You can track your work and see where your time goes using RescueTime. The time tracker will help you find correlations between your wellbeing and productivity. We will tell you how to be more efficient using simple life hacks. Functionality RescueTime is an app for your smartphone […]

6 Reasons Why Sex Can Increase Your Productivity


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Sex is not only about having pleasure but also staying healthy. When you are doing it your body produces a whole cocktail of hormones and neurotransmitters: oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin. That is why you experience a mood boost, you relax and become happier. Obviously, that helps us be more productive and work more efficiently. Besides, regular […]

The Science of Happiness: Bananas, Simple Things and Traps on Your Way to a Happy Life


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People often think that happiness is based on external circumstances and that you can not control it. But actually, you can make your every day happy and live your whole life like that. Perhaps, that’s the main goal for each of us. And it is absolutely feasible, if you understand how it all works. What […]

How Your Heart Can Tell You Everything About Your Health


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Have you heard the phrase: “one’s heart works like clockwork?” It refers to someone healthy and is used to mean that their heart works with perfect regularity and precision. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. In 1733 the English physiologist Stephen Hales discovered the phenomenon of variation in the time interval between heartbeats. If a person’s […]

The Magic Pill For Everything: Healthy Sleep


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Some people wish scientists invented a magic pill that would enable them to do without sleep at all. When a person wants to manage as many things as possible they often forget about their body’s need to recover. Business owners and people who are passionate about their work will agree: such notions as “weekends” and […]

Why Nothing Is Going to Change on Monday: Truth About Quality of Our Lives


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You are in your thirties, you are successful and have a great career, but you are still unhappy. You are not as healthy as you used to be, you are disappointed with what you see in the mirror and chronic fatigue is your constant companion. Sounds familiar? You realise, “That’s it, I need to do […]

How to Overcome Job Burnout


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People often fail to realise just how harmful occupational burnout and intense chronic stress can be to their health. Let’s talk about how you can help your body overcome burnout and what you should never do. Tips that you can find on the Internet usually say something like this, “think about what you like doing, […]

Do a Self-exam: Are You on the Verge of Burning Out?


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Occupational burnout is not simply a type of stress which is related to exhaustion at work. Burnout is a wider problem than it is generally talked about. Everyone shows their successful and super-productive side in public. No one wants to admit that they are unwell. What do you do when you are going through intense […]


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