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How to Overcome Job Burnout


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People often fail to realise just how harmful occupational burnout and intense chronic stress can be to their health. Let’s talk about how you can help your body overcome burnout and what you should never do. Tips that you can find on the Internet usually say something like this, “think about what you like doing, […]

Do a Self-exam: Are You on the Verge of Burning Out?


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Occupational burnout is not simply a type of stress which is related to exhaustion at work. Burnout is a wider problem than it is generally talked about. Everyone shows their successful and super-productive side in public. No one wants to admit that they are unwell. What do you do when you are going through intense […]

The New Era of Medicine


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Our body is quite mysterious. Sometimes you gain weight, other times you lose it, some days you have had a good night’s sleep and are in a great mood, other days you haven’t had enough sleep and your mood is terrible. And after hitting 30 you are secretly afraid of diseases that start to develop. Most […]


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