How do you find something special to give to someone as a gift? If someone has everything, you don’t want to buy another luxury tea collection or cufflinks for them.

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You don’t want to give something boring

Your boss Rachel is training for a half-marathon and she is doggedly pushing her body to the limit. Good for her, but what kind of gift would surprise her?

Your friend Richard is a successful businessman but he is too tired. He forgets to eat well and regularly, he drinks a lot and doesn’t sleep well. It would be great to remind him that he needs to take proper care of his health.

Mom is in a different city, how is she over there? She won’t tell you about the bad things, she wouldn’t want to worry you.

You want to find something useful and unconventional

Should you buy your friend Richard sports equipment or vitamins? Well, he knows better what he needs. You don’t want to look silly. Maybe a gym gift card? He doesn’t have time for that. Besides, he is a grown up man, he should decide for himself. Should you tell your mom to see a doctor and send her money? Well, that’s not exactly a gift. And she is going to say something like “those doctors don’t know anything” anyway.

But most importantly, that type of gift is not in the least bit unusual. So what do you do? Let’s remember the most frequent things we wish to our relatives, colleagues and friends. The first thing that comes to mind is: “Happiness and health!”

What if you actually gave happiness and health as a gift?

Welltory’s team of doctors and experts is an ideal gift that will surprise and show that you care.

We created Welltory to help people improve their health and get in their best shape. Our support is based on individual approach to every person. Your friends and relatives will be happier, boost their energy and reduce their stress — all that through a messages box in their iPhone. You can find out more about our service here.

The only limit is, you need to have an iPhone. But we are working on the Android version as well.

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Welltory helps people improve their health and therefore be happier

Everyone can achieve their goals with Welltory

We will help Rachel choose the best time to exercise (for some it’s better to do in the morning, for others — in the evening), we willl ensure that her body has time to recover. All of the data about her wellbeing will be in one app. This way it will be easier for Rachel to complete the marathon and do it more efficiently. She will be grateful to you for such technologically advanced support.

For your businessman friend Richard Welltory will save time and gradually improve his wellbeing. No one will kick bad habits if they are stressed and exhausted. That is why the first thing our analyst will do is ensure your friend learns how to reduce his stress and relax. After a couple of months you won’t even recognise him, he might even join the marathon crowd!

As for your mom, don’t worry, our analyst and doctors will study her wellbeing, make appointments for necessary tests and examinations and recommend what she could improve in her lifestyle. Our analyst will take daily care of your mom’s health and if something goes wrong, they will make an appointment with a doctor right away and call a taxi.


How do we do it?

  1. We study what a person feels, does and what kind of environment they live in. The data are transferred from fitness gadgets and devices to the Welltory app.
  2. Two times a day you should take 2-3 minute measurements of your stress and energy levels. It’s very easy. You can do it using your iPhone camera or a heart rate monitor (Welltory provides a free one). Measuring heart rate variability is a scientific method which accurately assesses the state of one’s health.
  3. All of the data is carefully studied by our experts: therapist, neurologist, somnologist, psychologist, fitness coach and nutritionist. They create a meal scheme and training and examination schedules for each person individually.
  4. We help achieve any goals regarding health: lose weight, quit bad habits, boost energy, beat insomnia or hypertension. We find simple solutions that are easy to apply in your daily life. And we make sure that you make progress.
  5. All your improvements are shown in 17 clear diagrams in our app. Your personal analyst makes your life easier: they make massage appointments, consult our experts every day, keep track of your wellbeing and give you notice if something goes wrong.

So there is an entire team of experts that keep track of your mood and health. And all that is done through an intuitive message box interface in our app saving you time and effort.


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That’s what stress and energy level measurements look like

The best gift is health!

It will definitely be the most unconventional and practical gift.  And the person to receive it will become happier. Because a healthy person who feels great and stays energized is a happy person!

What does your friend or relative get?

  • 1 month of care from an entire team of experts and doctors
  • Heart rate monitor to take measurements. It’s the smallest and most precise one on the market
  • Intuitive Welltory app to look up the statistics of their improvements and changes in their health.

The total cost of the gift is only $99

It’s better than a book, isn’t it? 🙂

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