You are in your thirties, you are successful and have a great career, but you are still unhappy. You are not as healthy as you used to be, you are disappointed with what you see in the mirror and chronic fatigue is your constant companion. Sounds familiar?

You realise, “That’s it, I need to do something about it.” You start reading different articles, “How to Get Rid of Depression” or “How to Lose Weight” or “The Best Diet.” And every article says that you need to radically change your life! Eat healthy, do sport and “think positive.” Usually that’s as far as you go in changing your life, you save a few links to read later and that’s pretty much it. You don’t have time or energy to do anything.

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We all want to be healthy and beautiful and stay in shape.

You might go further and keep a diet but you give it up after a week. And if you do lose weight after a while you lose the grit and gain your usual weight back. You start going to the gym, running or doing yoga but you lose the motivation after seeing no result after a month.

Or you try to be more productive at work, you study time management and the basics of GTD but still catch yourself putting off truly important things for later.

You are not alone. 90% of people are like that.

Facts: over 70% of people gain weight after keeping a diet, never achieve their fitness goals, experience chronic stress and feel tired. 30% of the US adult population suffer from stress, poor diet, sleep deprivation or sedentary lifestyle (source: Bupa Insurance). 50% have at least one chronic disease diagnosed. 66% are physically inactive, overweight or obese.

The statistics is tough, things don’t look good for most people.

Who to blame

We spend a lot of time and money to take care of our car or home. But we invest far less in the main means of transportation and our most important instrument — our body. It’s true, we regularly do car maintenance but we forget about ourselves.

People simply don’t understand that the way they feel reflects the state their body is in. Productivity, happiness, energy — all these things depend on something else rather than your boss, partner or salary. If you are unwell nothing external will help.

Our health is 70% dependent on our lifestyle. And that’s our daily choices: food, exercise, work and rest schedule.

Why are we so dismissive of ourselves?

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Problem 1: We don’t get taught what our wellbeing depends on

Neither at school nor at university. We don’t know the basics of how the body functions. For example, that having a drink decreases the amount of dopamine which is responsible for being in a good mood.

We are not taught that without proper rest the body is not able to deal with stress. That’s why we stress out, burn out at work, get ill and age quicker.

We don’t really know how to rest properly. Seriously, many people think that an evening spent drinking beer and watching TV or scrolling Facebook is what can be called recovery. And that sleeping for 4-5 hours is enough. In reality, sleeping after having a bottle of beer does not recover your body at all.

What should be as clear as day

  • Your health is not the result of the genetic lottery. It’s the result of how you care for your body every day.
  • Your productivity and cognitive skills depend on your stress and energy levels rather than the type of tasks you tackle. Think about how hard it is to work when you are sick. And now imagine that you live each day doing only 30% of what you are capable of.
  • Your happiness is not the result of luck, a million dollars or love. All that has a short-term effect. Your basic everyday happiness is the result of your lifestyle, physical shape, dopamine and serotonin levels and other factors. Now imagine that you could be two or three times happier every day by simply learning how to take care of yourself.
  • Your appearance and attractiveness is only 25% of your parents’ effort, the rest is your physical fitness, stress, energy and self-care. Now imagine… you got the idea.
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We want to be healthy but don’t really do much about it

Problem 2: We are all different

There is one universal formula for happiness — to be in your best shape every day. But everyone has their own way of getting to that point. People are different.

We have different health, body’s response to stress and energy levels. For some, running is a remedy for everything, for others it’s yoga or pilates. Some work most efficiently in the morning, others — in the evening. Some find it hard to fall asleep with a closed window when there is a high level of CO2 in the room while others have sleeping problems because of lack of carbs and excess of the hormone called orexin.

In order to find the best diet, workout program or working schedule you need to know well your lifestyle, individual qualities and how your body functions.

So what is the problem?

  • Books and articles are full of general advice which is unlikely to work for you
  • When you come to a nutritionist, personal trainer or doctor they know little about your physiology and as a rule look only at the symptoms.
  • When you come to a weight loss meetup it is also designed for “everyone”

Most programs are similar. Here’s a diet, keep it for a month and you will see results. But they miss the fact that you won’t be able to eat like that your whole life.

Weight is simply a consequence of little habits which can be consistently changed with much less effort and much better results.

Ask any professional, a doctor, a personal trainer or nutritionist, they will tell you that real results depend on your lifestyle and habits. We know that because a lot of people ask us to help them build an individual approach to their clients.

But in order to do that you and your lifestyle need to be carefully examined.

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Problem 3: You have no energy and no time for anything

If you think that something needs to be changed you are probably not satisfied with what you have.

The problem is that you can not change when you have no energy.  It is impossible to make right decisions and concentrate on goal achieving when you are constantly stressed out. You haven’t started running in the morning yet not because you are lazy, but because you have no energy to do it.

It is very simple, imagine that you have an idea for a project when you are in shape and energetic. You are going to do it with no hesitation. Imagine that you thought of something when you are tired. You are going to put this idea off for later.

So you get a vicious cycle: in order to feel better you need to change your habits and have a healthy lifestyle, but in order to change your habits you need to feel better.

So what do you do?

Everything looks terrible. And the statistics shows that. But there is good news, we worked a lot and can solve all three problems for you.

There are two ways to deal with the problem of lack of knowledge about your body.

  • Spend a lot of money to have a full medical check-up and hire a personal trainer and a nutritionist
  • Spend a lot of time and research it yourself, read books and scientific papers

It is not easy. As a result people choose what requires minimum knowledge and money — gym membership or weight loss meetups, detox programs and other things that promise you “a fit body in a month”.

We all know this doesn’t really help.

You can get real results in a short period of time only if you are examined by experts and your program is based on facts. Only personal support and individual recommendations will work.

We created Welltory to help you quickly and easily get in the best shape. You can be happier, get energized and reduce stress. All of that — through a message box in an iPhone app. You can find more information here.

How we do it

  1. We study what you feel and do and what your environment is. The data are transferred from fitness gadgets and devices to the Welltory app. Twice a day you should take 2-3 minute measurements of your stress and energy levels.
  2. The data is studied by our experts: therapist, neurologist, somnologist, psychologist, fitness coach and nutritionist. Your personal health analyst tracks your wellbeing everyday.
  3. Want to lose weight, quit bad habits, boost energy and beat insomnia? We find simple solutions that are easy to apply in your daily life. And we make sure that you make progress.
  4. You can see your improvements in simple diagrams. It motivates you to change your habits and upgrade.

Click on the link to learn about our plans and chose what you want to improve: your health, mood, physical appearance or productivity. You may want to subscribe to our Proactive Protection plan.

It’s an entire team of experts who take care of you for $59 per month. It’s the cost of two massage sessions or a monthly gym membership without a personal trainer.

As for the second problem (that we are all different), it’s a bit more complicated

Some are weather sensitive, some feel worse after exercising in the morning, others improve their stamina by having walks in the evening. You need to learn about the individual features of your body and examine what health problems you have already got and what you can improve. Home environment, eating habits, daily schedule, the quality and duration of your sleep, work and rest — all of these factors are interdependent and affect your wellbeing.

You already have health data sources, you simply need to connect them.


You need to put all factual data in one system and analyse it to learn everything about your body.

And that’s exactly what we do at Welltory. We help you collect all the data in our app and find correlations with psychological and physical health figures — stress and energy levels.

It’s true, your stress and energy levels can indeed be measured. The measurements are based on heart rate variability. It’s a scientific method that allows you to see what state your body is in. You can read more about that here.

Taking measurements is easy, all you need is your iPhone camera or a heart rate monitor. With these data you will be able to know how your sleep, eating habits, sport, meditation or even weather affect you. This will help you find the easiest way to being healthy and happy.

Welltory’s data collection methods are automated, so our experts don’t waste time on finding the causes and you don’t need to bother writing it all down manually. Install the app and connect your sleep and activity information sources.

The third problem (no energy or time) is the most difficult to tackle

If your stress level is high and energy is low, you first need to relax and get proper rest. You won’t be able to change anything in your life without that. Stop blaming yourself for weak willpower, not doing sports or smoking. We understand. People get really tired and live with chronic stress.

You will have the motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle once you learn to rest and recover. What you need to do is to find out what helps you do that. You need to take note of how much energy you get after an evening walk or how your stress level changes after watching TV series on the couch all weekend.

The first thing to do is to find out what your current stress and energy levels are. Download our app on the AppStore and take a measurement for free, it will take only 2 minutes.

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We will take care of your problems

We will tell you what tests and examinations you need to do. We will find you a doctor close to where you live, make an appointment for a massage session so that you can relax and even chose a particular type of chair for you to stay relaxed and comfortable (we’ll even provide you with the link to the store where you can buy it).

If you want us to help you, install our app and start collecting the data which our analyst will recommend you. Follow their recommendations, make simple changes to your lifestyle and track the results in the diagrams in the app.

You can live a better life

If you need concrete and measurable results which you can see in the mirror, try our Proactive Protection plan with a personal health analyst.

Everything in one app in your pocket

  • Your personal analyst will keep track of your health and examine what affects it and how.
  • You will learn all about your health. Our medical experts will help you with that.
  • With Welltory you get real solutions. Workout and diet program and advice on improving home and work environment. We offer you solutions that are easy to apply.
  • You save time and don’t need to research, find doctors or study a lot of literature.

Join us and become a better version of yourself!

We guarantee that in 3 months you will increase your energy level by 20-30% and reduce stress. If you don’t get positive results, we will give you your money back.

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